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Top 5 Must-Have Items for the Travelling Toddler

Written by Soo Jin Kim on Tuesday, 13 May 2014. Posted in Break Time!, Life With Baby

Is it just us or does traveling with young children make our blood pressure rise faster than the air pressure inside a plane taking off? Keep your cool with these five items specifically designed for jet-setting toddlers.

Top 5 Must-Have Items for the Travelling Toddler

Travelling with toddlers can be an immensely stressful occasion, what with jet lag messing up their nap times, sore ears while flying, and short tempers when dealing with flight delays. And since you won’t be able to fit all your usual arsenal of toddler-pacifying tricks into your suitcases, you’ll want to make sure there’s no room for poor packing decisions.


Here’s a list of the top five must-have items anyone travelling with a toddler should pack.




Make your kids squeal with joy when they find out that not only do they get to have their very own suitcase, they also get to ride it (guess who’ll be providing horsepower here?)! Trunki is big enough for the kiddies to pack all their favourite things in it, while small enough to take it on the plane as a carry-on. The “imagineers” at Trunki designed their product to be travel-proof, so not only will it survive the usual bumps here and there, it can also carry weight up to 50kg. So when the youngsters get tired (or bored) of walking, they can just plop on their Trunki and have Mum or Dad pull them along. Trust us, they’ll be the envy of every other kid in the airport when they rock up to the boarding gate in style.


More info: ShopinHK



Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks

These backpacks are so adorable they look like they’ve been plucked right out of a children’s picturebook! No explorer leaves home without a top-notch backpack (have you ever seen Dora without hers?) and Skip Hop boasts the cutest ones we’ve ever seen, from busy bees to friendly dogs. It even comes with an insulated pouch to keep travel-sized snacks handy and a mesh side pocket for their water bottles – perfect to keep our adventurers hydrated and well-fed throughout a day filled with sightseeing.


And once the travelling is done and you’re back home, the kids can double it as a school bag for kindy.


More info: ShopinHK



Skip Hop Travel Blanket

At GeoBaby, we love products from Skip Hop, where “fun meets function”… which is why we can’t help but put two of their products on this list! Their travel blanket is a soft pillow by day, a warm blanket by nap time, and a cuddly toy in between. The travel blanket also comes with a large handle, making it easy for kids to carry it while on the go. The only worry you’ll have is deciding between which delightful zoo character to get: monkey, ladybug, or owl?


More info: ShopinHK



Gro Anywhere Blinds

And speaking of nap times… as any parent can attest, toddlers without their usual nap time makes for a nightmare like no other. So for your sanity, use portable blinds to put the little ones to sleep so they can wake up refreshed and happy. Gro Anywhere Blinds are made with thick, durable black materials to completely block out the sunlight, which lets the kids sleep peacefully in the afternoons. The blinds also come with suction caps which makes it oh-so-easy for parents to stick them onto any glass window and create the perfect mood for a quick snooze. Night-night!


More info: ShopinHK



LeapFrog Creativity Camera Protective Case and App

Let Junior take control and document the holidays, from beginning to end. The case protects your iPhone or iPod from the clumsiest of toddlers, while the app lets them add funny stickers onto the pictures to create their own unique photo albums. Kids will spend hours of fun playing around with the app, giving Mum and Dad time to relax. It’ll also make for an awesome trip down memory lane for the children, many years from now, as they relive the trip through the eyes of their younger selves. 


More info: ShopinHK






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