Selling 3 brand new unused and 1 lightly used bath toys preferably as a set.

1. Duck Family of Four ($40) (NEW) (SOLD)

- 1 mother duck of 4.5 inches x 5 inches and 3 baby ducks of 2.2 inches x 2.5 inches each

- brand new and still in mesh net

- made of quality rubber

- from local toy shop

2. Animal Squiters x 5 ($25) (NEW)

- 5 water squirters in the theme of animals

- brand new and still in mesh net

- from local toy chop

3. Playmobil Child with Crocodile Raft ($55) (NEW) (SOLD)

- brand new set bought from Wise Kids

4. Treasure Island Bath Playset ($60)

- large size playset; bought for over $200 new

- Island measures 12 inches x 10,5 inches x 5 inches

- includes an 8-inch boat with sails, a water-squirting canon, parrot and octopus squirters, barrel and treasure chest

- had played with the entire set once and a couple of times with the parrot squirter only; hence practically new

- playset can be attached to the bathroom tile wall but suction cups required (need to be purchased

Selling each as priced or take BOTH for the clearance price of $70. No bargaining please. Pick up from Quarry Bay MTR ONLY.