The original Matty from Danish brand Leander in pale blue. Beautifully designed product.

Matty is a soft cushion mat that can be placed directly on the changing table or directly on the floor. Precisely where you need it. It was great to have because we didn't need a changing table taking up more space. We just placed this directly on the window bay, kitchen table or bathroom floor. Very easy to move.

It's soft but firm, the edges protect the baby from moving.

It has a waterproof surface that is very easy to wipe. No fluids leak into the cushion because of the waterproof surface. No need for extra cover or towel.

Dimensions: H: 11 cm, L: 70 cm, W: 50 cm

We bought two of these to use around the home in different locations but ended up only needing one because it's so easy to move. In almost new condition!