The perfect dock (birth to 8 months) to keep your newborn sleeping securely! This dock creates a womblike space for your little one to sleep in. Great for co-sleeping so you don't roll onto your child, or to create a cozy space in a crib. Really perfect for frequent travellers so that your baby can feel secure wherever you go and doesn't have to readjust to every hotel bed or crib - it's only 1.4kg! We travel frequently and our child slept EVERYWHERE in this without any issues. Our baby loved this dock and is now using the grand size. Also great for tummy time or playing in. Clasps can open up as baby grows longer. Comes with original carrier bag. Light grey chevron print is perfect for boys or girls! The cover is machine washable and comes off easily in one piece with a zipper.


460 mm wide x 750-850 mm long

[750 mm with clasps closed and 850 mm with clasps open]

Only washed with fragrance and paraben free laundry detergent. Smoke free and pet free home. In mint condition.

Dockatot is the US equivalent of the original Sleepyhead from Sweden. I ordered this from Europe and it has the original Sleepyhead logo on it.