Selling as a lot several sets of Brio and Imaginarium wooden trains plus accessories. Well-loved and enjoyed and now outgrown. Looking for a good home.

The lot includes 2 Brio sets with a dockside crane depot. Made in Sweden and not China, almost all original pieces are kept. May be missing a couple but additional wooden accessories and tracks from other compatible brands such as Learning Curve, and Ikea have been included. All pieces are still in great clean condition. Only some pieces have some green dinosaur stamped on one-side to play dinosaur hunt at one time. Also included are several pieces of plastic accessories from Tomy.

A recap. of the pieces: elevated road bridge; quarry mine tunnel; wacky track buffer; turntable;, junction track; shed; curved and straight end/ramp, etc.

As for the Imaginarium set, the suspension and toll booth bridge pieces are still in near mint condition. Toll booth comes with sound when the lever is pressed.

This lot includes the original wooden trains from Brio, as well as several wooden and 2 motorised metal trains (batteries required; one with light) from Learning Curve.

A good starter set for the train lover. Now letting go for $400 only and pick up from Quarry Bay ONLY.