Children are so curious and eager to know everything. Our nannies are well trained to take care of kids while providing a comforting Mandarin / Cantonese environment.

It is so fun for children to discover the daily life with their Chinese nanny and learn the second language in the most relaxing and natural way.

Our nannies not only take care of your children, but also play with them, read them stories, do Arts & Craft with them....

They are reliable, experienced with children and can work independently.

The earlier they start, the easier it will be for them to learn Mandarin.

We also tutor students from ISF, CIS, IMS, HKIS, VSA, FIS, Kellett, CDNIS, Victoria, Braemar Hill Nursery, Tutor time...

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And, please send your inquiries to our email:

[email protected]