This is a box of unused educational toy suitable for kids between 3 and 6.

The Animal Kingdom Series helps your child learn about different species of animals and their living environment. It provides a good opportunity for your child to expand the knowledge during the years when he is motivated by spontaneous interests.

The materials inside are educational and designed with an enrichment of colour that makes it appealing to children. Your child would love to play with the animal for hours.

The Package contains:

1) 8 realistic wild animals (approximately 8 cm each) in excellent quality

2) 8 terminology cards (13 cm x 9 cm) with full description of each of the wild animals in English and Traditional Chinese

3) A paper safari model with beautiful trees, bushes, cave, and lion rocks to illustrate animals living environment (to be built)

Over 5 Fun Activities:

•Animals Matching

•Learn The Names

•Build Up The Safari Model

•Learn The Fun Facts Of Safari Animals

•Explore The Living Environment In A Safari

•Play With The Safari

and more …


•Love & Respect The Nature

•Logical & Analytic Mind, Self-Correction Ability

•Hand-eye Coordination

•Language Development, Creativity

•Observation, Concentration, Independence

Selling cheap to a good home for just $80. Pick up from Quarry Bay MTR please.