The best non-toxic play mat for babies and toddlers by Creamhaus. Your baby will spend so much time on the mats from birth, doing tummy time and learning to crawl and play, make sure you get a mat that is free of off-gassing: Free of formatted, PVC, EVA, fire retardants, and other VOC's, like this brand!

The plain solid colours (grey or cream) are perfect for the style conscious parent! I love these because they are thickest mats I’ve seen. Really helps to protect the baby that is learning to roll over and stand. They are large and are waterproof so it’s extremely easy to keep clean. These were cleaned only with vinegar and water so they are safe for your baby. They’re pretty light so easy to move. They also double as a gym mat for the growing toddler or yoga mats for Mom! My son only used these a year so they are in mint condition, with a little few pieces of dust in the velcro.

The extra strong 3M velcro on all sides means that these won't come apart like other mats. You can rearrange the pieces as necessary if you only want one colour or if you want to make a pattern. The pieces are also extra large making for a great play surface. The squares connect completely flat so toys don't get stuck.

On one side the mats are grey and on the other side they are all cream.

From Creamhaus US website:

-Comes in a set of 4 individual cube mats (I have two sets so you can make an extra large play area of 8 mats)

-Velcro strips on all edges for easy assemble

-Perfect for all ages 0

1.6 inch (4cm) thick padding

-Water resistant surface for easy wipe clean

-Extra thick non-toxic PE foam for shock absorption


-No off-gassing: Free of formamide, PVC, EVA, fire retardants, and other VOC's

Skin irritation tested on human skin

Purchased for $1500 for 4. Now selling for $700. If you buy all 8, we can give you a discount.