This is a baby feeding bottle steriliser & dryer.

It is in mint condition (used for 9 months). I have personally ensured that it was descaled every week and any residue/sediment build up was avoided. The filters have also been cleaned regularly.

This was a life-saver for us and a good solution to efficiently clean and store baby bottles. This retails for HKD 750-900.

Includes manual, baby bottle cleaning liquid and forceps to handle bottles. No box.

BabyMate - One Step Sterilizer Dryer

4-in-1 functions

​Sterilize Only

Sterilize and Dry

Dry Only

Storage System

Automatically dries bottles after steam sterilization

Natural steam sterilization kills 99.99% of germs

Holds up to 6 bottles plus accessories

Works with all bottle sizes

Can be used for pacifiers, breast pump parts, and anything builts to withstand steam sterilization

10 minutes steam cycle

Choice of 30, 45 or 60 minutes dry cycle

Contents remain sterile for 24 hours or until lid is open