Mountain Buggy Duet (2015 model) - this is absolutely the best double stroller for going around Hong Kong. Why?

- It is the same width as a standard wheelchair (63cm). That means it can go through any standard single door. It can go on almost any HK sidewalk, even with all the random obstacles (poles and trees), because the sidewalks are wheelchair accessible.

- It is easy to push around on the uneven pavement sidewalks in HK. It has big wheels for taking on bumps and cracked sidewalks. It has good balance so that you can go over curbs by pushing down on the handle bar to pop up the front wheels. It is solid construction with thick aluminum frame -- it is the SUV of pushchairs. It handles really well, easy to turn and maneuver.

Other features of this stroller:

- Seats recline flat for holding newborns, infants, and napping toddlers. The seats can recline separately if only one kid is napping. Each seat holds 18kg.

- Adjustable handle bar, adjustable 5-point harness, removable linings for easy washing.

- Accessories: cup holder, safety handle bar attaches in the front, big storage compartment underneath.

- Stroller weight is 15.5 kg. Yes it's heavy, but there is a big bar on the front that makes it easy to lift.

- The current tires are the Aerotech wheels, which are dense foam wheels. The treads are getting worn out. The wheels are replaceable, and new Aerotech wheels are ~HK$600. It also comes with a set of new air tire wheels (similar to bicycle wheels), which give any extra smooth ride for bumpy surfaces.

The pushchair has been used for about 3 years (2015-2018). It is still in good condition, and the construction is solid enough that it can last for many more years.

The Mountain Buggy Duet is HK$5500 if you buy it new. Buying it used for $1000 (obo) is a great deal!