I cannot upload photos due to an error message but it's this exact model: https://motherswork.com.sg/products/hanil-uv-sterilizer

Great product, so easy to use! I loved the convenience of it with my first baby. No water or microwave needed, it dries and sterilizes bottles, toys etc.

A mummy's helper that helps save time, save space, and save energy all in a sleek and well designed package. Using UltraViolet light technology, Hanil UV Sterilizer sterilizes more than just bottles. It sterilizes breast pump accessories, soft toys, toothbrushes, remote controls and even your handphone. It doubles up as a storage unit, eliminating the need for a drying rack and additional containers to store the sterilized items.

Sterilizes with UltraViolet Light to kill/inactivate 99.9% of germs.

3M HEPA blocks 99.99% of air-borne particles up to 0.3% microns.

Silent Operation and Low Energy Consumption (50W)

Compact Design yet Spacious interior that fits up to 9 big baby bottles and other peripherals.

Convenient to use and easy to maintain.