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Listings of everything related to yoga for your litle yogi

Gecko Yoga

Gecko Yoga’s baby yoga class places an emphasis on doing yoga WITH babies (not TO babies) and on positive parent-child interaction. They use touch, movement, sound/voice and rhythms during their yoga sessions. No prior yoga experience is required ...

Little Yogis


Little Yogis is dedicated to helping you attune to your baby’s needs, and to calm or stimulate them as appropriate. All their baby yoga classes use gentle body movements and playful rhymes. Their yoga classes are perfect for little ones aged 3 &n ...

Pure Yoga


Pure Yoga offers Mom & Baby Yoga Classes, along with a wide selection of other courses for every level. Pure's baby yoga class is an excellent way for you to bond with your baby. Also, practising yoga with other new mothers in a supportive and ...

The Yoga Room


The Yoga Room offers a 1-hour Mum & Baby yoga class, suitable for mums and babies of all yoga levels. In the class, mums will discover essential tips on gentle stretches and learn how to feel more connected with their baby. Swing by to learn lots o ...

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