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The Harbour School

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Building Name, Floor / Suite
2/F, Kennedy Town Centre
Street #, Street Name
23 Belcher's Street, ,
2816 5222
2816 5229
The Harbour School is an international school that combines an exciting and thought-provoking curriculum with an emphasis on 21st century skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, innovation and resilience. We were founded in 2007 and our school is already gaining a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence. In fact, The Harbour School recently placed second worldwide as in a global competition for "21st Century School of the Year." Our Advisory Council holds some of the most prestigious figures in education, from past and present government program directors to university deans and even the “father” of Sesame Street. While we offer an American curriculum, it is adapted to ensure learning success for a very diverse international population. We are committed to unlocking the best in every student, encouraging students to find and develop their areas of strength. In addition to a structured approach to math, reading and writing, we use a very experiential approach in areas such as science, history and the arts. Children at The Harbour School are active, learning many things through experimentation, project work, discussion or action. We also customize instruction for each child’s abilities and skills. We welcome a diversity of students, so that they learn to work with others who may have different learning profiles, and we encourage children to explore different areas of strength. We do this by maintaining an extremely high ratio of teachers to students: one teacher for every seven students in class, and one for every four students school-wide. This ratio enables teachers to work in small groups and to take the time to ensure that students are working at their optimal level. Technology is also used throughout the curriculum to help students learn, communicate or produce at their highest level.
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