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Quality Authentic Montessori Materials for preschool classroom, wooden educational puzzles, games, learning toys, botany, practical frames, language, mathematics, sensorial materials. Visit our site and compare our prices


One of our newly found favorite websites for researching pros and cons of alternative therapies.

This document contains the guidelines that most doctors should follow when administering pre-natal care. Use these as a guideline or to check on how well your doctor is taking care of your health. Do keep in mind.. these are guidelines, they're supposed t ...


Read the CDC FAQ on Thimerosal. Thimerosal is a preservative that has been used in some vaccines since the 1930’s, when it was first introduced by Eli Lilly Company. It is 49.6% mercury by weight and is metabolized or degraded into ethylmercury and thi ...


This site will give you a week by week brief commentary on the development of your child.

The complete list of articles from's travel with kids section.


Real travel tips from real parents. Excellent first-hand tips on traveling with children.


Good article on the various symptoms and warning signs in the first month of your pregnancy.

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