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Dr Robert Stevenson

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Building Name, Floor / Suite
13/F Hing Wai Building,
Street #, Street Name
36 Queens Road, ,
2537 7281
Practice: International Doctors Limited Qualifications: MBBS (MANCHESTER) 1982, MRCOG 1987, FHKAM (OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY) 1994 Language(s) / Dialect(s) Spoken: English Affiliated Hospitals: HK Sanatorium Hospital, HK Adventist Hospital, Matilda Hospital
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Highly recommended!
I went to see Dr Stevenson as a last resort, after two failed attempts at other gynes to have my Mirena removed. (The strings were cut too short) He was amazing from the word go. He took the time to discuss it with my husband and I, and when it came to the procedure, it was done before I even realised what was happening! He was quick, gentle and very professional. The other staff there are fantastic, and very helpful on the phone. I can highly recommend him.

Review for Dr. Stevenson
Cool bedside manner, emphasized my age and liked to refer to statistics. Had a couple of unsuccessful IUI treatments with him but found that it was all a bit of a conveyor belt as he was very busy; often harrassed and you could wait up to an hour to see him. I found this particularly frustrating as I was working at the time.

Awesome Dr. Stevenson!
I just gave birth a week ago. Dr, Stevenson was amazing throughout the whole process. I had problems at the beginning of my pregnancy and he saved my baby. His calm reassuring bedside manners helped me stay focussed during pregnancy and labor, especially given the nervous Nellie and control freak I am. And most importantly, he accommodated all the requests in my birth plan as much as possible. I had such a rewarding birth experience.
He's a bit expensive, but hey this HK! You gotta pay if you want the best.

Highly recommended
We recently delivered our first child with Dr Stevenson and I am pleased to say that the whole experience was great. We originally went to Dr Stevenson because he was at the same practice as my GP, and having subsequently searched this site for reviews was surprised that his name did not come up more often, as we would definitely recommend him. He is clearly excellent at what he does and has a good sense of humour, but we valued him most for his no nonsense approach - and when it came to the delivery, which was not totally straightforward, I was not only confident in his abilities, but grateful for his encouragement during the labour - I felt like i had a great support team with me that day. We knew we were in safe hands throughout and would happily see him again if we have another baby here. His nurse Michelle and other staff at Drs Foster & Stevenson Medical Practice are also awesome, and we found the staff at the Adventist hospital to be excellent (and their nurses extremely good when it came to teaching my daughter and I how to breastfeed!)

Excellent Mirena removal
Thank you SO much for the lady who submitted the review above regarding the Mirena removal.

I had initially visited a local gynecologist lady doctor and the examination alone was painful. She said she couldn't find the string and ultrasound located the Mirena way up - she immediately suggested surgical removal.

After reading the review above I made an appointment with Dr Stevenson and it was incredible. He made me feel at ease, a short ultrasound examination and then he took the Mirena out without any issues, zero pain! It wasn't even uncomfortable.

Really excellent!!!

Great doc
I had my 20 week ultrasound done with Dr. Robert Stevenson. (Apparently public system, in this case Queen Elizabeth, doesn't cover this scan anymore) I must have called more than 15 OB, everyone charges more than 4k and his price is below 3k. Office was very conveniently located. I was late so they let one patient go in before us, which made total sense. When it was my turn, Dr. Stevenson was very thorough, patient and friendly. Explained the scan discoveries well. Answered all the questions we have with clarity. It was over all a fantastic experience.
Lots of thanks to Dr. Stevenson and his team.

Very good doctor
Very professional doctor. I trust him completely. His nurse Michelle is excellent too.

highly recommended
Dr Stevenson recently delivered our newborn son in Gleneagles Hospital. Dr Stevenson took care of us all throughout the pregnancy and was very professional and caring helping make it a smooth and enjoyable experience. We would highly recommend him.

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