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Experience the Ancient Secret of Jamu traditional postnatal massage in the comfort of your own home. Or how about having a traditional Javanese massage to bring your body back to pre-pregnancy comfort, and regain your energy levels? We will provide you with a postnatal massage using a homemade herbal oil (citronellea, lemon grass, ginger and other secret ingredients) Jamu (a blend of herbs derived from bark, roots, flowers and other part of various medicinal plants) and release your stress with abdominal binding. Call for enquiries or to book an appointment!

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I tried the Mummies&Bellies service after the birth of my second child. It definitely works to tighten up your abs and improve your posture after giving birth. I figure since we are in this part of the world for now, might as well take advantage of some of the local knowledge! The traditional binding comes with a very good massage. I previously tried another home jamu-massage in HK after my first baby and it was a mess as they did it the bed with our own towels and sheets. M&B has their own massage table and provides everything you need. Highly recommended as a post-pregnancy splurge. (Or necessity, depending on how you see it).

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You will see results...
This was recommended to me and I wasn't sure of the hype. Well it does work. I saw results after the second session. They use some special herbs on your stomach which have a pleasant smell and are tingly. The binding is pretty tight if you want it to be, so I suggest getting the evening session so you can sleep with it on (obviously shower right before). Tip: if you are BFing, pump right before. They also come to your house and charge for the taxi receipt, so it's a pretty good deal.

Great postnatal massage & wrap
I had my massage and wrap with mummies&bellies. It was a great experience even though I had my son 14 months ago. The wrap was still effective and most importantly it toned down my waist line after the package. Thanks to Mummies & Bellies for your service :)

I just want to add that Mummies & Bellies is great. Very friendly and attentive . It is really effective and will definitely recommend this to all my friends. After 10 sessions with them my hubby even commented that I look great like before. Thanks to mummies & bellies. I felt very relaxed after having the massage!!! 5 stars

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