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Life with Kids by Tomoko

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Our Intimate, Natural and Spontaneous Photography, Specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Babies, Children, Family, Relationship and Lifestyle. We capture your precious moments from portrait to documentary style with natural light.
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Great photo session
We had a photo shoot with Tomoko and even though it lasted about 2+ hours, it didn't really feel that long! I was actually surprised at the time when we finished. Tomoko was great, very patient with the kids. She shot "around" them, never once forcing them to do poses or get them to stand or sit around until she was able to get a perfect shot. And the photos turned out really well! I love that they came out very "natural" and do not feel "processed" at all. Definitely check her out and book a session --you won't regret it!

When I first met Tomoko, she was taking pictures of a friend and her baby at our building and we just bumped into them accidentily. They were having fun and we were chatting a bit - Tomoko kept on taking pictures. That´s the way she works....very naturally. She is there and changes position all the time, but you don´t feel like being in front of a camera, you just forget about her.
I asked her immediately if she would have some time later for me and my baby, too - and she had! My daughter was teething, really not happy and not playful at all on this day and our photo session only lastet 15 minutes. I didn´t expect much....but it turned out that we got the most amazing pictures!Our house is filled with them now and I feel so happy that we did it!!
Tomoko knows how to create a very natural atmosphere, I really enjoyed the photo session although I normally hate to be in front of cameras. She captures moments, feelings, relationships within her pictures in the most authentic way. If you want to save precious memories she definitely is the right photographer! She is an artist and knows exactely how to make extraordinary pictures in your daily-life setting. She fixed a certain time in our lives within her pictures - if I look at them, I can really say that´s who we are and how we live. That makes these pictures so very special to me and probably to my baby later. I can only recommand her if you are looking for somebody who really catches the way you are.

Capture moments.. not just smiling or over-the-top poses..
My 2 yr old son and I had a photosession with Tomoko..Inside our house, and in the building playground. Places that he was most comfortable in. She was almost invisible, quietly clicking. Within minutes, my son almost stopped "noticing" her, and was totally his natural self. He is an energetic toddler, and was very active at that time. Hats off to Tomoko, who would practically be running after him, climbing up staircases, even almost lying down to get the best angles.

If you want an artificial, pretty looking, studio session, ..then please don't go to her.However, if you are looking for natural pictures, that talk to you, that tell you about your child,and that make gorgeous memories ..Then Tomoko would be the best choice.
These are pictures that I would love to look at even 30 yrs from now, and they would still make me smile(I'm sure!).
Also, a great part of the package is that she actually sends in the high resolution files on a dvd..So, you can get as many copies as you want(the best gift for grandparents, no?).

Thank you, Tomoko!

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