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Favourite Mummy Moments

on Thursday, 09 May 2013. Posted in Family Life

This Mother’s Day, we share with you some of our GeoBaby Mums’ favourite ‘mummy moments’ as a tribute to all you mamas out there.

Favourite Mummy Moments

There’s no doubt that being a mum is hard work. Amid the tears and tantrums of our wee ones, it’s sometimes easy to forget how rewarding motherhood can be. We asked some of our fellow mums what their favourite ‘mummy moments’ were (you know those wonderful moments when you feel like a real mum, all swelled up with love, pride and awe).


Miracle heartbeats

Unanimously, most of our yummy mummies agreed that one of their favourite moments was hearing the steady drumming of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. GeoBaby Mum, Stephanie, recalls the moment it finally hit her that pregnancy wasn’t all about morning sickness – she was carrying a life inside her! She didn’t know that she could feel so much love for the tiny peanut growing inside her and started tearing up – her husband, who was with her, had tears of his joy in his eyes too!

The first meet and greet

The feeling of holding your child for the first time is likely to be one of the most profound moments of your life. For GeoBaby Mum, Kelly, a rush of emotions ran through her when she met her baby for the first time – she wondered if he was OK, she was relieved that the excruciating pain was over, she was filled with awe as she gazed at the bundle of perfection and at her baby’s tiny little fingers and toes, she laughed and cried at the same time… No words come close to describing the emotions any new mum feels when they realise that they’ve just given birth to a miracle of life – and to think that this was how our mums must have felt when she first held us in her arms.

The first smile

Random face pulling and funny face making is always a joy to witness but nothing quite prepares you for the first time you see baby crack a smile – it’s guaranteed to turn any mum’s legs into jelly! GeoBaby Mum, Christine, says she’ll always remember that first smile because there’s something magical about your baby recognising you as his / her #1 fan and flashing a cheeky grin as if to say, “Hello Mummy, I love you”.

Ma-ma’s the word

From the first day your baby is born, you are in baby’s face with “ma-ma’s” and “da-da’s”, waiting for the day your little one says his first “ma-ma”. GeoBaby Mum, Lara, heard her first “ma-ma” at 7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old and remembers jumping for joy, her heart thumping with excitement while exclaiming proudly “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.

Sibling love

For GeoBaby Mum, Anne, one of her favourite ‘mummy moments’ was when she was at the park with her two kids, 6-year-old Michael and 4-year-old Maya. A security guard had come over to let her know that Michael was scribbling on the painted cement with a pebble and that scribbling was not allowed in the park (rule #43 of the Kill Joy Park Handbook). She went over and had a peek at her son’s graffiti and couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear with pride and love when she saw what he had written: “Maya – Best Sister”.

So what are some of your best ‘moments’? In honour of Mother’s Day, we invite you all to share your proudest ‘mummy moments’ so far. Get typing, ladies…

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