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Hong Kong’s Top 5 Indoor Playrooms

Written by Clare Cassidy on Monday, 16 June 2014. Posted in Out & About, Life in the +852

Summer’s here and the kids want to play, but being outdoors in this heat and humidity means getting burnt, really sweaty and for the rest of the day, totally drained! So why not try one of these indoor playrooms?

Hong Kong’s Top 5 Indoor Playrooms

With the hottest days of summer approaching and Hong Kong's blistering daytime heat on the forecast, we'll all be spending a lot of time indoors in air-conditioned bliss. But instead of staying at home and watching telly with your kids, why not take them to an indoor playroom where they can run around, have fun and burn off some energy. Here’s a quick list of some great indoor playrooms around town that the children will love so much, they’ll be begging you to take them back every day.


1. FunZone 


As you can probably tell from the name, FunZone is an indoor wonderland of fun, welcoming children up to the age of 12. With two locations (Kennedy Town and Ma On Shan) it features everything from colourful ball pits and curly slides, to a multi-layered obstacle course plus much more to keep the youngsters entertained, exercised and at the end of it all, exhausted! Watch them huff and puff as they climb up nets, run down ramps, crawl through tunnels, swing on beams, and wade through a pool of plastic balls. The playground also features a soft play area for toddlers (ages 3 and under), party rooms for birthdays and events, and a cafe equipped with Wi-fi for the adults. 

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2. Wise-Kids Playroom 

With nine interactive play areas designed to stimulate all the senses and reinforce social, mental and emotional development, Wise-Kids offers children (up to the age of 8) an educational yet fun experience. Drop your little ones off and let them explore their surroundings and interact with other kiddies, as they roll around on padded crash mats, create arty crafts and sing songs. For girls, the most popular of all the playrooms is the Super Star Dressing Room, where they get to dress-up with costumes, props and even face-painting to stimulate their imagination and create short plays. The boys love the Building Site play area, where the cupboards are loaded with Lego and building blocks for train tracks, houses and cars. 

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3. 7xSmarter School

Located right in the heart of Wan Chai is 7xSmarter, an early childhood education centre that offers an array of programmes aimed at kids up to the age of 8. If you want to expose your children to creative subjects like art, music, language (English and Mandarin) and much more from a young age, this is where you’ll want to bring them. Aside from all the classes available at this school, there is also a very convenient service, where you can pop in for a quick play-sesh with one another. Even if you are strapped for time, it’s possible as they offer as little as 30 minute sessions; just pop by with your mini-me between engagements or if you’re passing by. If the little ones have a birthday coming up, you can book a themed party for a minimum of two hours; it’s fun, easy and doesn’t require any pre-planning.

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4. The Sai Kung Playhouse 

Mums and Dads - if you have a load of errands piling up that you just can’t seem to get them done, drop your kids off at The Sai Kung Playhouse. They provide supervised playgroups for babies, toddlers and kids, and even if it’s last minute, not to worry - you can just drop in without any notice. They are very flexible when it comes to attending their playgroups; you can pay as you go or on a monthly basis.They have a huge range of toys, games and activities to keep the youngsters occupied and content for hours on end as they interact with new friends, all the while enhancing their social skills in a stimulating learning environment. Of course, mums are welcome to relax in the ‘Mum’s Corner’ which is fully equipped with sofas, refreshments, Wi-fi and even an upcoming pampering service complete with manis, pedis and foot massages. By the sounds of it, we think Mum will be more keen than than their little ones to check this place out!

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5. Play House 

With six locations across Hong Kong sporting different themes, we recommend you check out Play House. The layout of Play House is very similar to Wise-Kids in that there are seven play areas, all specially designed to focus on and enhance the development of different skills. Safely installed with childproofing and soft mats, the play areas feature an indoor jungle gym with everything from tunnels, ramps and spider-nets, to ladders and ball-shot guns. It’s a great way to encourage your kids to exercise and burn excessive energy as they work their way through each room, exploring the multi-level Jungle Maze, Ming and Friends Gymnasium and more. The Play House opens their doors to all children up to the age of 12 to laugh, go wild and enjoy a few hours of proper play. 

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Also worth checking out... 


- Kids Club

Affiliated with Hong Kong Toy Club, Kids Club organizes a mobile playground featuring all the essential favourites for a fun day out. With bouncy castles, go-cars, ball pools, slides and more, you’re kids will never want to leave once they discover this! This year's second event is coming up on Sunday, June 29th at the Inline Skating Rink at the King’s Park YMCA centre, but as there is limited space you better hurry to secure a spot before it’s sold out!

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- Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park 

Hong Kong’s very first indoor trampoline haven is set to open up at the end of July for kids and adults who are looking to bounce off the walls between fits of laughter! This is no ordinary trampoline experience - this 18,000 square foot park features 50 interconnecting trampolines complete with basketball hoops, giant foam pits and more. What a fantastic alternative to staying in all summer; we can’t wait ‘til it opens up so we can get out and jump about! 

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- Free Government Playrooms

If you are looking for a one-off, no-strings-attached place for the kids to play, you could always pop down to your nearest free public playroom provided by the city’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department. They are all over town in almost every district and don’t require you to sign up or make any bookings - just show up for a play whenever you want. Each playroom across town features different themed play areas representing the circus, ocean, tropical forest, space, farmland and more are open to children aged 4 to 9. Of course, children younger than 4 are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  

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