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Meeting Thursday 18th Nov, Spiaggias 2pm, Stanley

  1. superhappy
    Hi I was wondering if anyone want to meet up in Stanley? I have a 3 month old daughter and would love to meet other south siders.If any of you would like to give me a call my number 9153 6277 and I'm Cat. Why dont we try to meet 2pm next Thursday 18th at Spiaggias at the end of Stanley Main Street for a coffee/juice/drink/lunch. Anyone keen? I'll be there anyway! Hope to see you there with babies! Cat.
  2. sea princess
    sea princess
    Hi superhappy
    I was contemplating posting a thread for any mums southside that would like to do a regular catch up. there was one a few years back that was great, but it was dissolved pretty much now as most of the kids are at school!
    I have a newborn, my second child (my oldest is at school during the day).
    I have family arriving next week for two weeks to see th baby, but after that I am free for a coffee anytime if you are interested? we could meet at Pacific coffee or Lucy's waterfront for a low key affair?
    Hope you had some people turn up at Spiaggio's?
    best wishes
  3. superhappy
    Hi, would be great to catch up. My email address is it is easier to get in contact with me there. I am going away from the 16th of Dec, but will return on the 4th.
    Just let me know when you are free. I am not working, so I am free most days.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy your visit :-D
  4. sea princess
    sea princess
    Hi Superhappy
    Sounds good. I have parents here until next weekend, but will be in touch after that to organise a catch up!
  5. superhappy
    Brilliant. Maybe we can have a quick lunch together the following week @Lucy's waterfront:-)
  6. nzstephanie
    Hi ladies,
    I live here in Stanley too and my son is nearly 4 months old. I'd love to catch up and meet other Mums. However, I am back at work now and can't meet during the weekdays. I am available after 4pm though.
  7. BrookeB
    Hello all!
    Do any of you still meet up? I've just moved to Aberdeen with my 7 month old daughter. Would love to meet some friends for both of us!
  8. superhappy
    Hi Brooke n Stephanie. Happy to meet up with you. I am not free before the end of next week
  9. Francina

    Are you guys managed to meet up?
    I would love to join a Southside group. I am only 5 months pregnant but have a 5 year old and will have new baby soon.
    Please let me know when you meet up. Thanks!
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