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southside play??

  1. BrookeB
    Hi, I just moved to Aberdeen. Wondering if you all are still meeting up?
  2. pumi
    Hello! I'm interested in meeting up! I have a 7 month old son. living in Repulse Bay. Anybody else? Yukino
  3. Francina

    Are you guys meeting up? would love to join
  4. pumi
    hi! how about meeting up in Stanley? anyone wanna join?
  5. fumpi
    hi! are you still meeting up? My son just turned 15 months and i´m looking for a play group.
  6. hf23
    I'm also looking for a play group. Are you still meeting up?
  7. mk2420
    Hello, I have a 9 month old daughter and we would love to join as well. We are located in Repulse Bay. I work full time I can only do after 4 pm on weekdays or on weekends. Please let me know if you want to meet up!
  8. pumi
    ok, how about meeting up at the shopping arcade in 109 Repulse Bay Road? or Repulse Bay Beach? I have a 9 month old son.
  9. hainannie
    Hi all,
    Just moved to Repulse Bay last weekend with a 14 month old daughter. Are you all still meeting up? Anyone interested playing with us? Please let me know if we can join a group or if you want to meet up! ~Annie
  10. Elleshee

    My baby girl is 2.5 months and we live in Repulse Bay. If this is still happening, I'd like to join!
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