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  1. Suj
    Hi Girls! Why don't we all meet up for lunch sometime in Central if it suits? We could pick a saturday afternoon that would work, and get to know eachother. I'm sure many of you are as anxious and excited as I am about all of this, so I think it'd be great if we got to know eachother.
  2. kneyenhuys
    Hi.. central somewhere, sounds great... let me know when, would be great to meet up.
  3. NatashaLawler
    Hi... just joined the group, but would love to meet up. I'm due Aug 10th. What about lunch Sat, April 28th?
  4. superhappy
    We have a dinner meeting on the May 3rd in Central 7pm. Please Pm me if you would like to come, as I don't check Geobaby very often. it is about 6-8 of us already. Love to see you there
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