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need to vent

  1. monte
    Just need to vent a bit. I was home this summer and since being back in HK I've had a rough time. I didn't expect it as we truly like living here... But culture shock hit all over again and I'm feeling frustrated by the helper culture. Rather, I'm frustrated at the lack of resources to help moms who don't have helpers, since it's just expected that everyone does.
    I miss: calling around our neighbors to find a babysitter for an hour or two, knowing that at church events or other activities child care will be available, having friends willing to swap childcare (I'd take care of all the kids one morning, then she'd take care of all the kids another morning). I also miss going to the park or a playroom with other moms, instead of being the only mom in a room full of helpers!


    now don't worry, I'm not usually so grumpy and I'm sure that once we get back into the routine I'll remember how to be a mom in HK and be cheerful again.

    thanks for listening!

  2. babyaidan
    Hi Monte,

    Well I'm just about to move to HK and will be looking after my baby Aidan who's 8.5mths on my own. Do you know of any mum groups to get some support.

    I'm fearing the very thing that you're talking about.

    Thanks x
  3. nino
    I haven't even left HK and I've been feeling pretty frustrated lately...about everything you described! Sometimes it feels like I'll never get over the "culture shock". Going back home for the holidays and really looking forward to it.
  4. SuelinB
    I know this is an older post, but I know these are re-read and I wanted to add that it is possible to live without a helper and still have.a life. I value my privacy which I worry will be affected if I have some living with us in a small apartment. So I have a few helpful teenagers who are switched on enough to want to earn their own own money and actually like kids. I reached them through personal adds and some connections with my eldest son. This is how it works back home. Not all teenagers have loads-a-money and my little son really likes having a special night in with someone to look after him.
    For the house work - I cheat. Use a tumble dryer, only iron shirts - fold everything else and buy a mini vac.
    I went from a larger house in Bangkok, two maids and a part time driver to me. It is possible and it's what I prefer at the moment.
    If you work or want to work give up and hire someone :)
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