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  1. is C-section a must if bb is not engaged by week 38?

    Started by dudu, 05-05-2006 11:24 AM
    week pregnancy, c sections, reason 2, c section, pelvis, due date, many thanks, viewpoint, ultrasound, labour, babies, doctors, hospitals, bb, hong kong, canada
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 05-07-2006 02:58 PM
    by joannek  Go to last post
  2. bottle feeding while travelling

    Started by cheeky, 05-07-2006 01:50 PM
    month old baby, holiday thanks, suitecase, milk formula, first holiday, vittel, daily basis, mineral water, bottled water, phuket, bali, babies, parents
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 05-11-2006 10:16 PM
    by rads  Go to last post
  3. Question Pollution

    Started by undecided, 05-08-2006 06:29 PM
    daughters room, living in australia, country areas, polution, respiratory problems, air purifier, whole life, childcare, hk, air quality, asthma, babies, pollution, pregnancy, hong kong, experiences
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 05-10-2006 10:03 AM
    by undecided  Go to last post
  4. Question Daily milk intake

    Started by icecube, 05-12-2006 12:31 AM
    olive oil, poo, babies, oz, palm
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 05-22-2006 09:31 PM
    by icecube  Go to last post
  5. Baby Strollers and various

    Started by mywing, 05-20-2006 03:13 PM
    maxi cosi cabrio, baby stroller, infant car seat, s council, quinny, strollers, cabrio, car seats, hk, babies, choices
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 05-29-2007 11:17 AM
    by Baby Gap  Go to last post
  6. Pillow?

    Started by engee, 05-22-2006 04:18 PM
    babies, sleep
    4 Replies
    Last Post: 06-07-2006 11:19 PM
    by JennyB  Go to last post
  7. Unhappy rash after eating beef

    Started by mammalicious, 05-26-2006 07:29 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    wicked heat, chinese doc, baby beef, vegis, 9months, heat rash, little baby, pimples, spinach, mushroom, weather, many things, allergies, babies, tomatoes
    13 Replies
    Last Post: 06-22-2006 11:17 AM
    by pannekee  Go to last post
  8. ear wax

    Started by engee, 05-30-2006 09:09 PM
    wet washcloth, passage canal, buds, ears, babies
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 06-01-2006 11:51 AM
    by engee  Go to last post
  9. Smile Weather and what baby should wear

    Started by pattersl, 06-08-2006 05:42 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    blc, bub, cardigan, short sleeve, burnout, time of year, hk, pj, good luck, autumn, air conditioning, babies, clothes, sleep, weather
    8 Replies
    Last Post: 06-15-2006 10:24 AM
    by Sumei  Go to last post
  10. Baby not eating

    Started by eva, 06-09-2006 09:16 PM
    wet nappies, la leche league, working mom, milk supply, emb, eight times, bf, breastfeeding, five minutes, breasts, babies, three months, mls, 30 minutes, eva, few days, oz
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 06-11-2006 11:17 AM
    by eva  Go to last post
  11. Baby won't take a bottle

    Started by Erin, 06-13-2006 10:12 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    storing breast milk, cows milk, milk protein, alergy, avari, lactation consultant, avent, flow rate, seven months, hk, babies, oz, submission
    8 Replies
    Last Post: 06-15-2006 10:53 PM
    by cinnamon  Go to last post
  12. Advice Needed: Night Waking

    Started by Har-loi, 06-19-2006 10:54 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    old baby girl, hannah lee, month old baby, purees, dear readers, cuddling, 7 months, har, ppl, hunger, 15 minutes, babies, sleep
    10 Replies
    Last Post: 07-07-2006 08:38 PM
    by mammalicious  Go to last post
  13. organic jar food for baby

    Started by youpi, 06-22-2006 02:07 PM
    organic baby food, causeway bay, time square, babies, earth
    5 Replies
    Last Post: 06-22-2006 09:37 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  14. Koala kinder School: feedback needed.

    Started by hapimamee, 06-23-2006 11:37 AM
    gross motor skills, hello song, koala, toddlers, babies, fine motor skills
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 06-23-2006 02:03 PM
    by hapimamee  Go to last post
  15. soy milk formula or hypoallergenic formula

    Started by bbc mom, 06-24-2006 08:53 PM
    rare metabolic disorder, milk goat, allergy specialist, milk and dairy products, cows milk, vegetarian diets, milk protein, milk formula, phytoestrogens, oestrogen, onset of puberty, cow, proteins, babies, allergies, cancer, risk, adult
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 06-28-2006 10:31 PM
    by bbc mom  Go to last post
  16. Lightbulb any parents in Yau Yat Chuen, Kowloon Tong

    Started by crew, 06-26-2006 11:17 PM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    kowloon tong, yau yat chuen, yat, old baby, baby boy, anita, babies, parents
    17 Replies
    Last Post: 11-11-2009 10:31 PM
    by Ma Ma Ape  Go to last post
  17. Separation Anxiety

    Started by bbc mom, 07-02-2006 12:00 AM
    stay at home mom, separation anxiety, cook in the kitchen, sleeptime, bathroom break, babysitter, carers, stay at home, babies, signs
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 07-02-2006 02:14 PM
    by loupou  Go to last post
  18. other than ESF

    Started by engee, 07-05-2006 11:15 PM
    singapore international, waiting lists, babies, doors
    5 Replies
    Last Post: 07-06-2006 02:11 PM
    by engee  Go to last post
  19. Meeting with parents of 7 months' baby

    Started by Hokie, 07-06-2006 12:26 PM
    mba course, cantonese, mandarin, foreign language, hk, babies
    0 Replies
    Last Post: 07-06-2006 12:26 PM
    by Hokie  Go to last post
  20. 7-month-old babies around Central

    Started by kumitag, 07-10-2006 12:17 PM
    rumpus rooms, 14th july, play area, starbucks, 3pm, alexandra, babies, coffee, threads
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 07-12-2006 08:11 PM
    by sahdrysdale  Go to last post
  21. Breastfeed baby weight gain

    Started by babi77, 07-11-2006 10:45 AM
    wet nappy, wet diapers, electronic scales, weight measurements, growth charts, birth weight, 4 months, different times, baby boy, babies, clothes
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 08-01-2006 09:19 PM
    by bellamei  Go to last post
  22. rant of a cranky pregnant lady....

    Started by carang, 07-12-2006 04:50 PM
    doctor asap, head nurse, early pregnancy, qmh, high blood pressure, going to the doctor, baby playgroups, yuk, appt, pregnant woman, backlog, tch, heartbeat, couple of days, nausea, hormones, 3 years, babies, babes, doctors
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 08-21-2006 09:00 AM
    by carang  Go to last post
  23. 2 caesareans then VBAC?

    Started by orionbynight, 07-13-2006 10:06 PM
    natal depression, homebirths, queen mary, natural birth, zero support, breech, dilation, midwife, last chance, vbac after 2, hk, labour, babies, risk
    0 Replies
    Last Post: 07-13-2006 10:06 PM
    by orionbynight  Go to last post
  24. Feeding rice cereal to 4 month old

    Started by babi77, 07-18-2006 11:58 AM
    rice cereal, breastmilk, breast milk, cereals, 4 months, 5 months, couple of days, tablespoon, consistency, babies
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 08-23-2006 10:27 PM
    by niutalent  Go to last post
  25. Playgroup in Repulse Bay/Stanley/Tai Tam for 6-month-old

    Started by Jonathanmommy, 07-19-2006 10:58 PM
    4 Pages
    1 2 3 4
    month old baby, tutor time, repulse bay, fridays, stanley, all sorts, babies, tam
    26 Replies
    Last Post: 09-29-2006 10:08 AM
    by Honkyblues  Go to last post
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