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  1. Paediatrician in Sai Wan, any recommend please?

    Started by meiniu, 06-14-2006 11:47 AM
    hong kong health, sai wan, geobaby, health and fitness, millon, totaly, drs, lam, university of hong kong, doctors, mom
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 06-14-2006 12:15 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  2. OB care/new in HK

    Started by kristen06, 01-17-2006 11:14 AM
    hk island, tung chung, hong kong health, geobaby, health and fitness, gynecologists, drs, doctors, job
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 01-19-2006 09:04 PM
    by chichi  Go to last post
  3. A good doctor in Sheung Wan / Sai Ying Pun?

    Started by China Doll, 02-01-2006 05:42 PM
    ying pun, hong kong health, geobaby, public hospitals, hospital rd, china doll, paediatrician, t system, health and fitness, good doctor, gynecologists, yuk, drs, doctors
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 02-01-2006 11:28 PM
    by China Doll  Go to last post
  4. Government hospital for childbirth

    Started by carolechan, 02-13-2006 05:18 PM
    2 Pages
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    hk government, hong kong health, geobaby, birth details, birth story, government hospital, health and fitness, qe, pwh, autumn, flower, showthread
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 04-21-2006 11:34 AM
    by usfret  Go to last post
  5. Dr. Phillip Ho

    Started by sunnysideup, 02-21-2006 06:00 PM
    2 Pages
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    hong kong health, dr phillip, hello ladies, delivery charge, health and fitness, gynecologists, obgyn, contact details, doctors, flower
    11 Replies
    Last Post: 03-09-2006 02:14 PM
    by nycschatzi  Go to last post
  6. Night maternity nurse?

    Started by jane01, 03-24-2006 08:01 AM
    maternity nurse, hong kong health, old baby, health and fitness, health services
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 03-24-2006 10:03 AM
    by rani  Go to last post
  7. looking for course on child bith - baby care

    Started by sunima, 05-16-2006 01:16 PM
    hk island, hong kong health, geobaby, heavyside, family zone, island thanks, health and fitness, child birth, baby care, matilda
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 05-18-2006 07:27 PM
    by jools  Go to last post
  8. Question What is the clinic that is near Tsan Yuk??

    Started by future mommy, 01-15-2006 03:14 PM
    2 Pages
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    ying pun, wan chai, check ups, hong kong health, kennedy town, public hospitals, geobaby, hospital rd, yuk, health and fitness, hello everyone, appt, ups, family planning, stuffs, hk, clue, haha, pregnancy
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 03-24-2006 06:54 PM
    by planb  Go to last post
  9. Where can I buy the machine to make yoghurt at home?

    Started by Alica, 06-18-2006 05:06 PM
    hong kong health, easiyo, geobaby, fitness health, health and fitness, health food
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 06-18-2006 05:48 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  10. 1 Replies
    Last Post: 07-02-2006 10:02 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  11. Lightbulb Doctor recommend?

    Started by jossie, 07-01-2006 11:46 AM
    hong kong health, geobaby, pregnancy test, patient doctor, health and fitness, gynecologists, drs, hk, cheers, doctors, wine, exercise, worry
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 07-03-2006 09:38 PM
    by Sleuth  Go to last post
  12. Good ob-gynae and hospital in Kowloon?

    Started by Fanny B, 07-13-2006 08:54 PM
    queen elisabeth hospital, matilda hospital, adventist hospital, hong kong health, hong kong baptist hospital, geobaby, st theresa, health and fitness, gynecologists, recommandation, drs, fanny, hk, hong kong baptist, hospitals, doctors
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 07-17-2006 10:37 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  13. Question HELP!!! Private Physiotherapist needed!

    Started by snoopymom, 10-09-2006 12:24 AM
    labour room, hong kong health, check ups, heavyside, geobaby, antenatal classes, health visitor, physiotherapist, health and fitness, physio, midwives, yuk, ups, waiting list, contact details, guarantees
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 10-09-2006 09:07 AM
    by elaine  Go to last post
  14. post natal Massage

    Started by sourcing, 11-09-2006 02:43 PM
    post natal massage, hong kong health, baby massage, flatmates, indian woman, health and fitness, pore, indonesia, mom
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 11-09-2006 04:08 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  15. where can I buy fenugreek seed capsules?

    Started by enpitu, 06-13-2007 03:19 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    health food stores, hong kong health, health gate, geobaby, gnc, fenugreek, milk supply, fitness health, health and fitness, food health, mom
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 06-15-2007 07:49 PM
    by enpitu  Go to last post
  16. TENS Machine

    Started by ag1, 01-04-2004 10:49 PM
    hong kong health, tens machine, geobaby, mid wives, midwives
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 01-04-2004 10:59 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  17. Evening/weekend exercise classes wanted

    Started by JennyB, 05-14-2003 02:17 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    hong kong health, geobaby, time jobs, ywca, pregnant women, weekdays, pilates, specifics, jenny, yoga, full time, pregnancy
    11 Replies
    Last Post: 07-11-2003 10:40 PM
    by Jenny  Go to last post
  18. Classes to attend

    Started by ec822, 06-09-2003 11:17 PM
    matilda hospital, antenatal classes, adventist hospital, hong kong health, geobaby, mid wives, margaret hospital, resources directory, sars, contact details, labour
    4 Replies
    Last Post: 07-07-2003 08:27 AM
    by matilda  Go to last post
  19. Baby Yoga for Working Mom

    Started by Swoon, 07-06-2003 10:55 AM
    hong kong health, baby yoga, massage classes, baby massage, geobaby, working mom, private instructor, 4 friends, weekdays, parents
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 07-14-2003 12:05 PM
    by Becks  Go to last post
  20. homeopath in Hong Kong

    Started by J x 2, 07-15-2003 10:26 PM
    vitality centre, hong kong health, geobaby, integrated medicine, medicine institute, homeopath, health index, resource directory, medicine
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 07-17-2003 06:40 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  21. After Birth Care

    Started by ccooper, 08-10-2003 01:16 PM
    natal baby, check ups, hong kong health, baby clinics, geobaby, island index, baby clinic, dhruv, well baby, queen mary, dept of health, ups, adventist, matilda, hong kong island, checks
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 08-10-2003 11:33 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
  22. Dr Doo and Dr Dawkins

    Started by tinkerbelle, 09-02-2003 01:24 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    hong kong health, geobaby, dr alexander, two doctors, vaginal delivery, delivery fee, gynecologists, matilda, drs, nurses, alexander, showthread, budget
    10 Replies
    Last Post: 12-27-2003 11:24 AM
    by Seb's Dad  Go to last post
  23. Wink 4D Scans

    Started by JennyB, 10-05-2003 09:36 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    13 Replies
    Last Post: 05-11-2005 11:45 AM
    by Moooi  Go to last post
  24. How to decide

    Started by vtcat, 11-01-2003 07:23 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    hong kong health, check ups, dawkins, gynecologists, ups, many thanks, colleague, moms, doctors, mom
    8 Replies
    Last Post: 11-18-2003 12:48 PM
    by momo  Go to last post
  25. Need some information on hospitals

    Started by ratnalim, 04-24-2003 04:06 PM
    pamela youde, hongkong island, causeway bay, hong kong health, maternity hospital, government hospitals, private hospitals, geobaby, preferebly, pokfulam, sanitorium, government hospital, queen mary, tsan, government system, adventist, resources directory, yuk, hk
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 04-24-2003 07:26 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
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