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  1. Feeding Triplets - Breastmilk Donation

    Started by waihoungdoris, 02-09-2007 12:56 PM
    premature babies, milk supply, mths, triplets, sg, email, yahoo
    0 Replies
    Last Post: 02-09-2007 12:56 PM
    by waihoungdoris  Go to last post
  2. How much milk should a 10-week old baby be drinking?

    Started by ren1909, 01-11-2007 02:10 PM
    2 Pages
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    baby weights, breast milk, mid night, rough estimate, milk supply, midwife, saturdays, ounce, pumps
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 01-16-2007 04:34 PM
    by sky123  Go to last post
  3. milk supplies

    Started by ninahudd, 11-25-2006 04:07 PM
    2 Pages
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    lunch time, experience 1, milk supply, 5 months, freezer, oz, babies, breast, sleep
    9 Replies
    Last Post: 11-27-2006 03:01 PM
    by ninahudd  Go to last post
  4. milk supply if toddler unable to breastfeed

    Started by mumsy, 11-13-2006 11:59 PM
    cows milk, milk supply, dehydration, drinker, calcium, full time, breast
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 11-14-2006 12:19 PM
    by mumsy  Go to last post
  5. Stress.

    Started by usfret, 11-06-2006 04:59 PM
    avent isis, styrofoam box, blue ice, milk supply, production crew, breasts
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 11-07-2006 03:29 PM
    by usfret  Go to last post
  6. Baby do not like solid.

    Started by eva, 10-19-2006 10:52 PM
    rice cakes, breastmilk, finger foods, meal time, different foods, finger food, milk supply, lentils, mouthful, rest of the day, spoons, 5 months, avocado, primary source, sweet potato, cucumber, bf, sole purpose, solids, pear
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 10-20-2006 10:28 AM
    by kashismum  Go to last post
  7. Worried about milk supply

    Started by Carol_2007, 09-07-2006 01:23 PM
    fenugreek seed, seed capsule, milk tea, lactation consultants, fenugreek, nursing bras, lactation consultant, nursing mothers, breast feeding, milk supply, yeast, breasts
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 09-07-2006 05:24 PM
    by joannek  Go to last post
  8. Baby not feeding at night - engorged breasts

    Started by lii, 08-23-2006 08:00 AM
    engorged breast, engorged breasts, engorgement, feeding time, milk supply, breastfeeding, ounce, few days, massage, bb, sleep, worry
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 08-24-2006 09:42 PM
    by carang  Go to last post
  9. Question What kind of pill that I can take for first time?

    Started by Baby bun, 08-20-2006 11:29 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    old baby girl, combination pills, micronor, time mother, milk supply, estrogen, drug store, ob gyn, 4 months
    8 Replies
    Last Post: 06-17-2007 06:14 PM
    by woodk6  Go to last post
  10. Unhappy Trying to wean my baby

    Started by mhotak, 07-02-2006 11:55 AM
    australian breastfeeding association, kathleen huggins, linda ziedrich, mid levels, hello everyone, weaning, stage of life, thanks in advance, milk supply, happy valley, month and a half, mother and child, pamphlet, whole time, solids, maggie, best wishes, second time, breasts, reply
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 07-02-2006 12:08 PM
    by LLL_Sarah  Go to last post
  11. Unhappy don't want to supplement formula.

    Started by chosun, 06-16-2006 03:15 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    leche league leaders, leche league leader, la leche league, lactation aid, drink more milk, noon time, feeding baby, view id, lactation consultant, milk supply, dr jack, bed time, tme, latch, nipples, bf, breasts, breast, oz, trauma
    9 Replies
    Last Post: 06-21-2006 10:43 AM
    by LLL_Sarah  Go to last post
  12. Stored Breastmilk over 1 month old

    Started by eva, 06-13-2006 05:28 PM
    milk supply, freezer, nutrients, makeup, last time, preference, eva, reply
    0 Replies
    Last Post: 06-13-2006 05:28 PM
    by eva  Go to last post
  13. Baby refusing both breast milk and formula

    Started by matthewsmomma, 06-11-2006 11:53 AM
    baby yogurt, introducing solids, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, breast milk, formul, breastmilk, milk supply, solid food, peas and carrots, oatmeal, ounce, spoon, tea
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 06-19-2006 02:09 PM
    by ystwu  Go to last post
  14. Blessed Thistle & Fenugreek

    Started by Swoon, 07-15-2003 10:01 PM
    voeux road, downward spiral, central tel, stage change, suck suck, mothers milk, milk supply, fenugreek, bad experience, good experience, fennel, des voeux, thistle, breasts, swallow, breast, tak
    4 Replies
    Last Post: 07-17-2003 06:33 PM
    by rani  Go to last post
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