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  1. Playgroups/Pre-schools for 1yo

    Started by kellyst, 09-06-2006 11:11 AM
    hong kong education, geobaby, toddler groups, playgroups, busy bee, kindergartens, st john, churches, mom, adults, parents
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 11-28-2006 12:28 AM
    by shahirakk  Go to last post
  2. Chinese learning class

    Started by jmonkeypuppy, 09-06-2006 03:01 PM
    curriculum time, chinese learning, kcs, mandarin, hk, interaction, parents, yahoo
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 09-08-2006 12:40 PM
    by secretsquirrel  Go to last post
  3. Open Heart Operation - Congential Heart Disease

    Started by ngais, 09-11-2006 06:59 PM
    open heart surgeries, congenital heart disease, open heart surgery, cor triatriatum, heart operation, left heart, thoughts and prayers, rest assured that, heart disease, cantonese, second opinion, great source, personal experience, hk, email address, babies, parents
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 09-12-2006 10:15 PM
    by Bear Lau  Go to last post
  4. Angry Teething problems

    Started by Hanna M-D, 09-20-2006 10:24 PM
    stuart bradshaw, teething symptoms, natural herbs, panadol, dr stuart, chappy, magic tricks, homeopathy, gums, night time, 10 months, bedtime, ears, ml, doctors, teeth, sleep, parents, toys
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 09-21-2006 09:20 PM
    by Hanna M-D  Go to last post
  5. Post Disney World of English

    Started by Isaac Mom, 09-22-2006 11:41 AM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    baby expo, english environment, hubby, cantonese, disney world, 11 years, cousins, expectation, good luck, english books, mom, adults, disney, parents, canada, much money
    21 Replies
    Last Post: 11-24-2006 12:01 PM
    by hksharon  Go to last post
  6. How old was your baby when he/she first flown on a plane?

    Started by BBTang, 09-26-2006 06:11 PM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    getting a passport, international flights, adult fare, usa flight, true thanks, third child, new mothers, planes, liverpool, babies, thanks for your help, airlines, hong kong, fly, parents, risk, england
    16 Replies
    Last Post: 09-29-2006 04:14 PM
    by Erin  Go to last post
  7. Unhappy Rumpus Rooms

    Started by kashismum, 09-28-2006 05:17 PM
    4 Pages
    1 2 3 4
    toy library, rumpus, introductory price, booking system, business model, 4pm, saturdays, 6pm, babies, occasions, sessions, aim, shoes, parents
    30 Replies
    Last Post: 10-27-2006 06:30 PM
    by hkaussie  Go to last post
  8. Air Travel with or without carseat?

    Started by jubee, 10-10-2006 11:15 AM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    jubee, carseat, hiring a car, car seat, experiences, parents
    18 Replies
    Last Post: 11-01-2006 10:46 PM
    by capital  Go to last post
  9. cheap playgroups

    Started by happymom2006, 10-14-2006 10:04 PM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    tsim sha tsui, kcr, century plaza, food court, playgrounds, ymca, toddlers, playground, babies, parents
    23 Replies
    Last Post: 11-15-2007 09:46 PM
    by Star Anise  Go to last post
  10. Question How to teach 4-y-old girl to draw

    Started by Vivian, 10-19-2006 01:37 PM
    child creativity, teaching young children, recomendations, negative comments, different styles, artwork, passion, mom, adults, parents
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 10-19-2006 04:50 PM
    by Valencia  Go to last post
  11. Unhappy 20mth old won't say gd mrn'g to dad

    Started by joannek, 10-20-2006 09:44 AM
    bedtime routine, morning daddy, girl nobody, morning tv, bad girl, old girl, wk, mommy, dad, rm, parents, toys
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 10-20-2006 12:40 PM
    by joannek  Go to last post
  12. Victoria

    Started by Babar, 10-25-2006 10:10 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    victoria school, belchers, other ones, thanks in advance, campuses, parents
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 06-30-2007 12:47 AM
    by tzechuk  Go to last post
  13. preparing toddler for hospital/operation

    Started by mumsy, 11-13-2006 11:44 PM
    taking blood pressure, stethscope, intensive care unit, routine checks, doctor nurse, what on earth, traumatised, nappy, cot, family member, short time, toddlers, nurses, babies, tubes, parents
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 11-14-2006 01:04 PM
    by mumsy  Go to last post
  14. Poll Poll: Poll: Parenting Challenges for Age 0-3

    Started by msmslau, 11-15-2006 12:02 AM
    distraction techniques, mth, habit, moms, challenges, mom, poll, sleep, parents
    6 Replies
    Last Post: 11-28-2006 09:18 PM
    by babyd0ll  Go to last post
  15. Public Hospitals

    Started by alvynl, 11-21-2006 03:06 AM
    residency requirements, private hospital, hk, good luck, fly, parents, cards, canada, public hospital
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 11-21-2006 10:46 AM
    by carang  Go to last post
  16. Working out

    Started by SoLong, 11-24-2006 10:38 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    upper thighs, workout, exercises, little bit, parents
    9 Replies
    Last Post: 01-24-2007 07:56 PM
    by ctrbabe1  Go to last post
  17. A horrible toddlers gym

    Started by hkbabychat, 12-02-2006 09:02 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    trial session, lunch break, horrible experience, chinese man, chinese woman, misunderstanding, old girl, pony, fist, kindergarten, real world, parents
    9 Replies
    Last Post: 12-04-2006 10:54 PM
    by shri  Go to last post
  18. My take on Gymboree

    Started by hongkongexpat, 12-04-2006 11:38 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    jw tumbles, kids gyms, customer service staff, public playground, gymboree, complete waste of time, singing songs, little kids, waste of time, panda, chats, hong kong, disney, parents, truth, sports
    11 Replies
    Last Post: 02-08-2007 01:29 PM
    by rainbowstar  Go to last post
  19. squint surgery????

    Started by pearldots, 12-14-2006 11:51 AM
    follow ups, squint, 6 years, ups, doctors, parents
    1 Replies
    Last Post: 12-14-2006 03:30 PM
    by scr  Go to last post
  20. Looking for current Yr 1 parent of Shatin Junior School

    Started by beibie, 12-28-2006 02:12 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    sequencing activities, playdate, kennedy school, familiar face, simple questions, best of luck, small groups, comprehension, date time, english language, family members, parents
    12 Replies
    Last Post: 03-31-2007 09:48 AM
    by beibie  Go to last post
  21. Christmas Presents for Teachers

    Started by rani, 01-02-2007 04:55 PM
    xmas gift, kindy, candle shop, head teacher, soho, madness, candles, parents
    3 Replies
    Last Post: 01-03-2007 12:06 AM
    by sunniefaith  Go to last post
  22. The Schooling Path for your kids

    Started by Geo, 01-04-2007 09:51 PM
    pre nursery school, private international school, charitable org, subsidy scheme, l schools, mid levels, kindergartens, mths, education system, foreigner, co ed, hk, current situation, age to start kindergarten, parents
    2 Replies
    Last Post: 01-05-2007 11:52 AM
    by loupou  Go to last post
  23. delivery at 34+ weeks?

    Started by carang, 01-09-2007 10:30 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    plastic chairs, pregnancy baby, term delivery, difficulty breathing, hypothyroidism, hubby, c section, drs, steroids, glucose, back pain, hypertension, meds, lungs, tabs, sleep, parents, home readings
    10 Replies
    Last Post: 01-11-2007 10:15 PM
    by B Tsui  Go to last post
  24. son not wanting to go to school?!!!!!

    Started by shaz, 01-17-2007 09:17 AM
    fab time, memories from childhood, xmas holidays, christmas holidays, vivid memories, loving school, christmas holiday, time at home, going back to school, term changes, hello everyone, good time, experiences, christmas, parents, game
    7 Replies
    Last Post: 01-25-2007 09:48 PM
    by hksharon  Go to last post
  25. Sunnyside Kindergarten & Playgroup

    Started by fungyuenyan, 01-25-2007 06:29 PM
    fee enrollment, english environment, enrollment period, jordon, playgroup, pre school, little girl, kindergarten, aim, parents
    0 Replies
    Last Post: 01-25-2007 06:29 PM
    by fungyuenyan  Go to last post
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