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How important is milk?

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    How important is milk?

    My 15 month old toddler has suddenely stopped drinking milk. As a result I have tried all possible tricks to make her drink milk. I tried changing the brand, make the milk sweeter, even tried giving it to her in a glass. nothing works!. She is completely off milk.
    At this stage how much milk should she be getting daily and what should I do?


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    Drinking milk

    I think you first need to ask yourself why you want your daughter to drink milk.

    If it's the calcium, you can try getting her to eat more calcium rich vegetables (Haha... I know, most kids won't). Or, try using a calcium enriched organge juice (if she'll take that).

    If it's not dairy itself that's a problem, see if she likes to eat yoghurt or fromage frais. Vitasoy also is a possiblity.

    I think she can be a perfectly healthy child if she never drinks another drop of milk. Give it some time, offer her other stuff, give her a multivitamin for kids and see how it goes.

    There's also the possibility that she just enjoys winding you up, so if you just remove it as a bone of contention, in a few weeks she might forget that she's "off milk".

    My problem was the opposite, I had to work very hard to REDUCE my son's milk intake when he was 3, to get him to start eating more solid food.

    If it's not one thing, it's always another.

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