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domestic helper

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    domestic helper

    I will be needing a domestic helper from August/September onwards to help look after a newborn, currently five weeks old. I've heard of some horror stories about dodgy agencies and unreliable helpers. Any advice on how and where to start my search would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Joyce,

    You may want to speak to Yvonne Heavyside, she's a Health Visitor, and an help you identify the right person and also in training.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Hi Joyce
    Yes, it can be quite a difficult task to find the right helper for you and your baby. You don't mention if you are planning on going back to work in which case the helper will be in full charge of the baby?
    If you are not planning to work then at least you can train the helper and only use her for the tasks which you feel she is competant on.
    Chosing a helper is a difficult task and the most important thing is that you actually like her and would be happy to see her 6 days a week!
    If you can get access to The Matilda's B is for Baby Book, I have written a chapter on how to chose a helper. The other thing which I have written recently is Starting Off right with your Helper, which is in last months Parents' Journal.
    An interview is essential and prepare a list of ?'s beforehand. If the Helper says she can cook then ask her what she can cook and HOW she does it. One of my Mums recently employed a helper having been told she could cook, only to find that her previous employer had weighed everything out first!
    Ask lots of questions about how she would care for a baby. Try " what would you do if the baby has a very high temperature and we are uncontactable?" Push the question asking what she would do if the baby remained very sick and she still couldn't get you. What you will need is someone who is confident enough to contact a Dr or the hospital and mature enough to make decissions.
    Some people like to chose a helper with no experience so that they can train them in their own methods. It's a good idea to send this kind of helper on a course such as The Matilda's Childcare course or I do training in the home on a one to one basis. I also do helper assessments for Mums who are returning to work and want to be confident that the Helper is doing a good and safe job.
    Agencies do vary but always check references yourself and interview at least 4 or 5 helpers.
    Let me know if I can help further. My phone no is 2530 1905
    Good Luck
    Yvonne Heavyside

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    relocating and want to refer my helper for new employer

    My family is returning to Canada at the end of July. My Sri Lankan helper would like to take a new contract in Hong Kong. I am pleased to provide her with a very positive reference. Her English is not great but she is completely devoted to my toddler. She began employment with us one month before I delivered. She would be very good for someone with a first baby. I want her to go to a kind employer. Happy to take phone calls for her referral, best if she can interview before we leave in 3.5 weeks. Sandra 9520-8795

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