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Swimming for Babies

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    Swimming for Babies

    Does anyone know when the "safe" age is for trying to take baby for a swim. My husband was taken swimming as an infant and is eager to take our 4 month old swimming. I just am not convinced that a baby should be taken swimming before he even holds his own head up.

    Anyone have any insight or experience on this? This might be asking too much but are there any pools in Hong Kong that are especially for babies or baby swimming "lessons"? I can't imagine immersing him into a regular pool in which the cool water might shock him. Also, does baby need to wear a special diaper?

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    I remember a couple of us asked our Drs the same question last summer. The general consensus was to wait till baby is 6 months.

    Reasons being:

    1. Baby should be able to hold his own head.

    2. Baby should have his first round of major vaccinations.

    Huggies make swimming diapers called "Little Swimmers". Its available in Watsons and most supermarkets.

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    We took our boy to Phuket when he was 4 months, and he loved the water. We had him on one of these training sit ( you can get it at Toys Club or in many other stores). However, he was holding his head by this time.
    He is 8 months now, and had his first deep in the water last week. He didn't like much but didn't cried either. He loves the swimpool.
    I am also looking for a swim class for him more because we both like the water and I think will be nice to do it together. I heard that the Alberdine Marina Club has classes, but you need a member with you. Please, let me kowm if you find anything else and I will do the same.
    If I was you I would try and see how your baby feel in the water, you could have a great surprise. I am sure it won't harm him.
    Good like!

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    The doctor advised me to wait until 6 months b/c:
    1. not had many of his/her vaccinations.
    2. can't hold his/her head up alone.
    3. the sun is too hot for an infant to be in.
    4. the chlorine may be too strong.
    5. other children swimming too close in the pool, germs


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    YMCA swimming classes

    The YMCA in TST offers swimming classes - Aqua-Tots
    (ages 6 - 35 months). The next classes will start in about 2 weeks.

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    During the SARS epidemic my daughter and i fled to Thailand and rented a house with a private pool. At the time my daughter was only 3 1/2 months old but took to the water like a fish! I think i was lucky as it wasnt chlorinated and we were the only ppl using it so i wasnt scared of the germ factor. We would swim at 8am before the sun was too strong and again at 5.30 just before bath time. From my experience she LOVED it! We were there 2 months and in that time of swimming every day she now loves any contact with water! She used a trainner ring for the first month but wanted to try and swim without anything by the second month.
    I would suggest taking yr little one to the pool when you feel right. If you are happy and confident it will rub off on them. If you know of any classes i will definately tkae her as i think it is important for her to learn to swim properly as appose to just playing around with mummy ;-)

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    hi i have an eight months old son and i have been taking him for swimming since he was 4 months, but because of SARS i had to take a break in between. its very healthy for a baby and there is just no problem, believe me he has enjoyed it from the very first day. and i feel alll kids love water, in the beginning you dont have to just put his head in water, take some time, gradually he would himself like to put his head in water. and dont worry about coold water as make him wear a full swim suit for kids, you will get it in in all the sizes. and yes you must make him wear a diaper, there is a special kind of diaper by huggies for swimming. as it can be very embarrassing for you if your child poos in the pool. so, have fun

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