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How to choose baby cot

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    babyblue is offline Registered User
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    33 has a good article about baby cots including the requirements to pass the Australian Standard.

    I think the single hand lifting and lowering of the cot is not that important because when you take the baby out, you have to lower it anyway, so by the time you put him back, the rail is down.

    What is important is a rail that lowers and lifts quietly. You wouldn't want to wake a sleeping baby with the noise from the latch.

    Also, most cots that do not have the up/down sides are more safe because the chance of forgetting to put it up is zero. The hassle of these cots is that when you lower the mattress level, it is really hard to put the baby in.

    The other thing is that when the rail is down, whether there is a large gap between the rail and the mattress so that a foot/ankle could get stuck, hence injuring your baby.

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    tsubasa is offline Registered User
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    Ok I know this post is very old but I have a similar question- I have been kindly given a used baby cot from my husband's classmate. It has been used and loved by many babies, the first is now 16! It is made of wood and looks sturdy enouigh, but when I measured it, I found the distance between the bars is 3 inches, while the US crib safety standards say it should be no more than 2 3/8 inches. The reason is that the baby's head (or other body parts?!) can get stuck. This k makes me nervous, so I am thinking about whether I need to get another instead, or if there is another option? For example, could I avoid this problem if I use a smaller basket or crib for when the baby is very small and could potentially stick its head through? Or should I just toss it and get one that conforms to standard safety regulations? Thanks for the advice!

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    just get bumper guards all around they crib which should be safe enough - babies don't move THAT much! my one is a big mover, but with the bumper guards she is always within her little area. hands and feet get stuck more often then heads do.

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    greenmama is offline Registered User
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    I'm also looking for a baby cot and this thread is very helpful!

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    ma of 3 is offline Registered User
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    Baby Cot

    I just got a baby cot for my newborn from Okooko. The baby cot can convert to junior bed! I love this bed so much! I am now thinking to buy the kid's beds for my boy and girl also.

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