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cord blood

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    bunda is offline Registered User
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    if you give birth in private hospital under natural delivery, they can't collect your cord blood. only if you do it by schedule caesarian delivery.

    They have their staff to collect the cord blood in QE and Kwong Wah hospital.
    Kwong wah from 7 am to 10 pm,Monday to friday (except public holiday), and 10 am to 9.45 pm on Sunday.
    QE from 9 am to 5 pm, monday to friday.

    private hospital only schedule caesarian, from Monday to Friday.

    Too bad they can't do much bout this. Is there anyway we can donate somehow?

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    babyblue is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Wow - I can't believe that. You mean I can donate cord blood if I have a scheduled c-section? I guess they just don't have the budget and means to collect the cord blood "on-call". You would expect they would maybe work together with the private hospitals to ask the lab technicians to collect this blood. Anyway, must be very complicated.

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    Cord blood banking presents high risks for infants

    A 9-pound baby typically has only about 10 ounces of blood. The common procedure of immediate cord clamping may deprive the infant up to 60% of this blood volume which is retained in the placenta. Instead, the cord should be clamped and cut only after the completion of the transference of blood from the placenta, along the pulsating umbilical cord, to the baby. This will create a healthy baby by fully expanding the lungs as well as providing the heart with the necessary blood volume and pressure. Furthermore, the infant will receive the necessary iron reserves, hormones, and stem cells. Cord blood banking may deprive the infant of the necessary blood volume and create the need to resuscitate the infant and/or create the need for blood transfusions, potentially making the infant weak for many months. There is the further potential of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Please see and select the Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions/Answers regarding birthing procedures, early cord clamping, birthing positions and vaccines.

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    cemily is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    Dear Mr Gary Goldman,

    It is v scary reading what you have posted and some of the info on your personal webpage. But I wish I had known the risk and choices before I had my son, now 4 yo. Tks for posting.

    Having said that, even armed with knowledge, doubt whether any HK doctors would oblige or pay attention to all the potential risks they are imposing on mother and child. Wish also more mothers understand the risks and shortfalls of C-section, HK being probably the C-section capital of the world, always encouraged by doctors for their own convenience.

    Also, I had send a message/question to you on your webpage. Would be grateful if you would reply. Many tks.



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