After reading this, I am surely going to go back to the States again if I have another baby. My total costs including prenatal checkups (both in HK and the USA delivery with my husband and mother attending (43 hours long w/out medication but use of jacuzzi tub and birthing suite), recovery in a large private room with a small bed for my husband to stay, nursing station care for our baby, three days spent in the hospital, medication (I hemorraged after I gave birth-but otherwise had a normal birth), food from the hospital cafeteria, pediatrician at hospital and for first checkups came to less than 67K HKD. We cannot afford to pay the added extra maternity insurance from our monthly income so we had to pay out-of-pocket. Thankfully, this sum was not due before we gave birth--there was no need to "book a room" ahead of time--we just went, gave birth...and had up to 2 years to pay off the fees. I doubt this is possible in HK.