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Delivery Charge

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    Delivery Charge

    We visited Matilda, Canossa and QMH yesterday to try to decide where to give birth and are now leaning towards Matilda. However, can anyone help with the following:

    1. What is the normal range of Dr's costs for delivery for 3rd class and 2nd class rooms;

    2. Am I required to have a paedatrician or will my gynae deal?

    The thread about pregnancy costs was useful (if scary as we don't have insurance, gulp) but it is the Dr's costs which seem the imponderables

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    You should visit the Adventist as well. The care is super and it is less expensive than the Matilda.

    1. Dr's fees vary a fair bit. For example one Dr gave me the following quote:

    Normal Delivery: 15-30K
    Instrumental Delivery: 16-32K
    C-Section: 18-35K.

    Another Dr told me he charges 9K for a Normal and 12K for c-section in a general ward. But he didn't have any pricing for 1st and 2nd class

    Best you sit down with your Dr and fix the price ASAP. Also, tell him you're not insured, cos quite a few are negotiable.

    2. Again this depends on your Dr.

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    That's why I went public 2nd time 'round

    My first baby:

    1)~ 40 K for the OB (prenatal visits, delivery & postnatal)

    2) ~ 15 K for the anaesthesologist (Easter Sunday,...?)

    3) 14 or 15 K for the 3rd class room at Matilda

    4) ~6 or 7 K for the sundries

    I remember it ultimately came to about 70K, of which my insurance only payed about 25K. I had a good birth experience, but the pricetag ended up being higher than I liked.

    2nd time around I was a private patient in a public hospital.

    ~ 7 K for the prenatal visits and delivery
    ~ 15K for the private room (3 days)
    ~150 for the baby's room and care (including paed.)

    So, it all was paid for by the insurance.

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    hi to lou pou...
    I'm just wondering, how come the public hospital charge was quite pricy? as compare to other people saying that public hospital charge was very low (+/- $300?)
    thank you.

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