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Taking baby out

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    Taking baby out

    How quickly can I take baby out after birth?

    Saw an 8 day old out today, I had thought 2-4 weeks was more appropriate

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I made a lot of enquires when pregnant with my third child because I gave birth in England but wanted to return as soon as possible to Hong Kong. The doctor at Cathay Pacific told me that a healthy full-term newborn could fly with no difficulties after 24 hours but that the mother shouldn’t fly for at least ten days – because of the possibility of hemorrhaging.

    Then in hospital the woman in the next bed to me asked the nurse when she could take her baby out for a walk in his pram. The nurse told her that the baby could go out in the pram but with someone else pushing because she should stay in for 10 days. In England a midwife come to visit you everyday from leaving hospital until the baby is ten days old – longer if either mother or baby have any problems.

    In the Chinese community here there is a strong custom for a 30-day confinement. This is to allow the mother to get rest and get to know her new baby. Ideally anyone helping the new mother in this period will “mother the mother” and let the mother “mother the baby”.

    This confinement period is in most cultures in the world. The cultures that don’t have it have lost it. For example, it is within living history that mothers in England stayed at home with newborns until the baby was “churched”. Church was the first place that the mother would take her newborn, this was usually somewhere between three weeks and six weeks and depended on the health of the mother and baby.

    Having said all that I think the best thing is to go off how you feel. Sometimes a short trip to the shops or for a slow walk is just what you need. But it is a time not to overdo anything. And if you have a surgical birth - do expect it to take weeks to recover. It can take days just to be able to turn over comfortably in bed. It took me three weeks to be able to manage a short walk through the park.

    I really enjoyed this time with my newborn babies. No one expects you to be doing a lot so you don’t have to. Basically the only things I did were feed my little one, eat, sleep watch TV when I was alone and listen to everyone tell me what a beautiful baby I had then in company.

    My advice is to not plan to do anything (i.e. make plans for someone else to do everything you usually do) and then just do what pleases you at the time.

    Best wishes,

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    aldougie is offline Registered User
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    My Health Visitor told me when I gave birth in May that it was sensible not to take my baby out until she was at least three weeks old because of the heat, pollution and potential for picking things up (HK was just getting over SARs at that point).

    We took her to Bumps to Babes at three weeks in the car and it was a lot longer before I felt comfortable about taking her in a taxi.

    I would make the most of having this time getting to know your baby and not worry too much about getting out and about especially in this heat and rain!

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    I agree with everyone else. Don't be in a rush to take your baby out.

    I took D to the supermarket at 2 weeks and I was followed by a group of strangers (grandmas types) who wanted to hold him. I rushed out of there.

    Best to expose baby to as few people as possible. Until he's had a few rounds of shots at least.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Baby out?

    But if you gave birth in hospital, you already have taken your baby "out" :)

    I got bored staying at home. I took my eldest out from her first days of life. I lived in Sai Kung town and took her to the wet market, and shopping generally. I wanted to show her off a bit.

    My second, I took him out shopping a bit, especially because he was what they call "high needs" (in my words, fussy) and was happiest when in motion. I lived in Tai Wai then, but I remember that before his "mun yuet" party I had taked him to TST to a book shop.

    So, In would say, do what you feel comfortable doing.

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    babyblue is offline Registered User
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    I agree that you should do what you feel comfortable. Many people who see you will make lots of comments like "Wow your baby is so young", "Why aren't you resting at home" etc.. etc.. I took my 2-3 week old baby out during SARS and was "told off" by strangers. The irony is that your husband or helper are just as likely to bring germs home than your baby catching them by being out.

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