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Private or public?

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    Private or public?

    Dear all

    I am now in week 36 and still haven't made up the mind to deliver in public or private hospital, but more inclined to private one.

    Can you advise me the difference between private or public?

    Price is main concern to deliver in private. I don't have insurance covered. Read the fees from other hospital which is scary...

    And, I am really scared of pain... However, I plan to deliver normal. I heard that public hospital will not help u with equipment even if u have long labour.

    If going public, anyone delivered in Margaret Hospital?
    If going private, any comment on St.Teresa or Baptist?

    Eagerly looking forward to your expertise.


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    My son and daughter was delivered in two different public hospitals, Tsan Yuk Hospital and Margaret Hospital. Margaret Hospital has provide very good services, all mid-wives and nurses are very helpful and professional. I'm very satisfy. The main different to delivery in public and private are : In private, only one appointed doctor will serve you from checking until delivery. In public, several doctors will follow up your case, no specified doctor to serve you. In private, most of the case I heard, the doctor will prefer surgery other than natural birth because they can earn more, they got no time to wait (no one know when your baby deliver even you started to pain.) In public, they'll encourage you to deliver because it is natural. Unless the case is not permissable. But you must note that n public, no one will help you to take care the baby in the day time on the following day. In private, they will take care your baby 24 hours. In my opinion, go to public and save the money for your baby and for yourself. Good Luck.

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