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Tutor Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by lili View Post
    I visited yesterday Tutor Time in Kowloon Tong. Pupils seem to have hun there. The only inconvinient thing is that there is no school bus. Kids need to take a private bus to school. Is there anyone who had this kind of experience? is it safe for our kids?
    We took the private bus and its pretty safe. The bus mothers are good and very caring, the driver doesn't start the bus till the time the kids are settled and buckled up. Sometimes on the way back my daughter would be sleeping in the bus mother's laps and she would hold her in a very safe way. I was happy with their service.

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    We send our 2 year old to the Caine Road Tutor Time. I agree that the teachers can be a hit or miss. We used to have Miss May as our Mandarin teacher, but she recently left (not sure whether she left TT or transferred to another campus). There was a great deal of movement this past month, perhaps because the new semester is starting? We miss our English teacher, Miss Ruby, too. Miss Mandy, the new Mandarin teacher, is also quite good, but I'm not too keen on Miss Sara, the new English teacher. I spoke to the Director, Karen Reynoso, and she said that Miss Sara is leaving in a month or two, and will be replaced by Mr. Ryan. This kind of teacher movement makes me uneasy, but I suppose as long as the replacement teachers are good, it should be fine. I do like their attention to cleanliness and campus layout (even though the Caine Road campus does not have much space). Their bilingual immersion program is pretty effective too, where half the class is conducted in English and the other in Mandarin.

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    Thank you all of you provide me info about tutortime

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    My 21m old girl has been attending tutor time in Braemar Hill for 2 months. I never had a chance to attend any classes with her as I need to work. From what described by my helper, my girl is happy with that and I m happy with the admin services. They also send the parents weekly email on Friday about what they have been doing in that week ( I can email you a few for your reference if you want) content seems quite rich and systematic but I am not sure if they did cover them in a quality way or just rush everything through...

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