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Dr Doo and Dr Dawkins

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    Slee is offline Registered User
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    Has someone really managed to negotiate down their hospital fees beforehand?!?!?

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I also highly recommend Dr Dawkins. I found that he really listened to the things I wanted and thought were important and then gave me his perspective on my requests. By the time my baby was due we had built a relationship where I trusted him completely both to look after the health of my baby and myself and also to go out of his way to give me the birth experience I wanted.

    A number of my friends have also had good birth experiences with him. And likewise he was willing to listen to what each mother wanted and didn’t assume that one way will suit everyone.

    My daughter is now three years old (so I don’t know if it is still the same). I was able to get a package with Dr. Dawkins that allowed me to pay an amount that was the same no matter what sort of delivery I had. So whether I ended up with an emergency c-section or giving birth without a doctor at the Star Ferry (it has happened!) the price was the same.

    Best wishes,

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    Seb's Dad is offline Registered User
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    We used Dawkins and were very pleased with him. We are now expecting triplets and due to the risk are forced to QMH, otherwise we'd stay with Dawkins. However for back-up care and peace of mind, we have seen Dawkins for the first 18 weeks of this pregnancy and have just been referred by him to QMH.

    In addition to Dawkins having his fees outlined in pamphlets at his office, you can contact many of the private hospitals in HK for a booklet of the basic charges for different types of delivery. We obtained Maternity Booklets from Adventist, Canossa and Mathilda but obviously went with Mathilda since we were with Dawkins. Going in we had a good idea of how high the charges could go if we ran into troubles. Fortunately we did not, so the full stay at Mathilda plus Dawkins fees was exactly what we expected as outlined beforehand. That was in Nov 2001.

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