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re-usable nappies/diapers

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    I'm sorry but I'm not aware of the brand you're refering to (I actually bought most of my diapers from the US and Canada and am not so familiar with the diapers u may find in HK).
    Regarding the washing, I confirm it: Cloth diapers reach their maximum absorbency after +or- 10 washings.. But I've never encountered any Mom washing their new brand cloth diapers 10 times before using them! Normally, it is first recommended to leave the diapers (and inserts) soak for a while, one night or at least 3 hours and to wash them at least once before using them. Then you may change them more often during the first times, until they may reach indeed their full absorbency but it is not compulsory. From my personal experience, I didn't have any problem with my diapers even after one single washing.. but here again, it may depend on the diaper cloth.. or any other factor...
    Furthermore, the detergent you are using to wash your diapers also plays an important role in the absorbency (softener should not be used for instance).. or even creams you might put on your baby's bottom..
    Finally, for more information, u may have a look at:

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    Thanks benjy :)

    I'm at the beginning stage of cloth diapering. After using disposables for so long, it's quite daunting having to work out details like absorbency, leg gusset fit, no. of inserts to put in, leaks, etc..Not to mention 2 squirming over active babies (sigh!) but I'm determine to give it a try!

    I bought BUMWEAR online from based in Singapore. They have some really cute colourful batik cloth diaper bottoms, swim pants, batik print clothings for babies & family - all made in Bali.

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    Yes I know...I've also been using disposables for my first child (I was even not aware of cloth diapers at that time!!) and was then convinced to give a change for my 2nd baby.
    But I read so much about it before deciding which ones to buy and how to make it that I got mad..!! The 'trial stage' is certainly the more difficult one, until you find the 'right' diaper and the right system for your own child. Because some diapers may fit slim babies better than others and so on.. or you may prefer 100%cotton or fleece polar or even the AIO or diaper + covers system.. that is the reason why experienced moms usually suggest to buy a lot of different models at first.. and then to readjust according to the results and our personal tastes!!
    Personnaly I finally opted for some 'better-known' brands (at least in Europe and the USA.. the motherease, ****aluvs, fuzzy bunz etc..) especially that it doesn't make it much more expensive to buy it in America than here in the region. But I'm also at the beginning stage because my 2nd baby isn't born yet and my first child is about to stop... (hopefully..).. and I still haven't received all my diapers..
    Regarding the inserts, I only bought a few and then bought fabric here to make some.

    Good luck..

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