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sleeping under the covers

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    sleeping under the covers

    hi everyone,

    It's starting to get chilly at night, but I just can't get my 18 month old daughter to sleep under the blankets. Last year, we had a sleeping bag for her, but she's outgrown it. Besides, she's now sleeping in a bed, so that would be too dangerous.

    She frequently awakes these days, and her feet and hands are so cold. I have a heater in her room and I bought sone really warm pj's from Boden.... any other ideas???

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    Warmer jammies? Long underwear?


    It sounds like you need to just put her in warmer jammies - maybe w/ a nice long underwear shirt on top?

    Any street stall or stall in the wet market should have some nice soft wool long underwear.

    If you go to Fa Yuen Gai in Mong Kok, there tons of inexpnesive flannel jammies.

    Or, for more $, you can order "Dr. Dentons" style jammies (with built in feet) from Land's End and other mail order catalogs.
    Here's a picture that I don't know how to insert in the message board:

    Look here for a selection:

    My kids wore footed pajamas until they were a bit over 3 years old.

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