i found really good sized receiving blankets (for wrapping newborn in) at B2Bs ... by Kooshies ... come in packs of 2s

totally second not buying small sized clothing ... our son's only 7wks and is already into our 6mth onsies!!! all those newborn and 0-3mth clothes are pretty much packed away ... i never would have believed it!

also, if you're breastfeeding, my advice is to invest in a number of breast pads ... if you're luck is like mine, you'll leak leak leak. Unless you find you really need them later on, I wouldn't buy the breast shells or nipple protectors (avent/medela) better to just "air dry" ... i thought i'd use them to collect milk .. HA! hasnt' worked yet! i'd also suggest a few really good fitting nursing bras (VERY HARD TO FIND, I THINK) try the national child trust from the uk ... i've found theirs the best

good luck!