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Anyone ever had a c - section?

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    Question Anyone ever had a c - section?

    C - section Hello ! I am scheduled to have a c-sec on Nov 4. This is my first baby and I've heard nothing but horror stories about c -sections, including recovery time, pain, weakness, etc., Can anyone share there experience or put my mind at ease? Thank you!

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    I had an emergency c-section in May and can only tell you how I found the whole experience - may be completely different for you.

    Once my baby became distressed I went to surgery immediatly had the spinal block, this didn't hurt and the pain from the contractions stopped immediately (which was great!). You are aware of stuff going on but it doesn't hurt infact I found it a really surreal experence. Calla was born, whisked away to make sure that she was okay - Douglas, my husband, went with her whilst I got stitched up. Stitching took about 45 mins and when I got back to the ward Calla was waiting for me being held by Douglas. I was shown how to latch her on and off we went - this was weird as at this point I couldn't feel my legs but that didn't matter anyway.

    I had my catheter removed the next day and was up and about to the baby unit, visiting friends who were also in giving birth. I had a shower 2 days after operation (supposed to leave it longer but I begged to have one so was allowed - just to shut me up I think). I stopped my painkillers on the evening of the 2 day which I wouldn't advise as it was a sore without them but I hate taking pills. Breastfeeding wasn't sore because of the c-section scar which I've heard a lot of people complain about - that didn't effect me at all.

    Anyway downsides to c-section are (1) you are having major surgery, (2) you have wind like you've never experienced afterwards which no-one warned me about! (3) you have to have a catheter for at least 24 hours (4) if you aren't a good healer then it may take you a while to get up and about (5) it is sore but by all accounts I was no more sore than friends who had torn whilst giving labour naturally infact I think I was less sore than quite a few of them!

    Recovery time for me was really short but from past experience with major surgery I am a good healer so may take you longer. The major downside to c-section is that it is major surgery and it can be a drain when you first get home because I recovered so well I was shocked by how tired I was when I got home - after any other major surgery you are told to take it easy - with a c-section you are sent home to a baby who needs you 24-7. I would advise you to take it really easy in hospital, get as much rest as you can and when you get home get your partner to do as much as possible because when they have gone back to work you will probably find everything quite tiring.

    A lot of people will say that having a c-section means you miss vital bonding time with your daughter - I didn't find this at all. Douglas got to spend time with her whilst I was finishing surgery which he found really precious and she latched on as soon as she was given to me so breastfeeding wasn't affected at all.

    Obviously everyone's experiences are different but I just wanted to give you a positive outlook on c-sections. I wouldn't even discount having a c-section with my next baby (whenever that may be) so it wasn't that bad for me!

    Good luck and take it easy is the best advice that I can give!

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