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Baby constipation

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    a mixture of yoghurt / weetabix / prunes works well for zandra. also I have changed to a Japanese formula (the ones from Japan) recently (Meiji) and zandra seems to find it easier to pass stool each day.

    Oh, and honey has a laxative effect. my doc suggested a little honey water but I know a lot of docs discourage honey before BB turns one, so you should check with your doc.

    Incidentally, if anyone wants to buy Japanese formula (Meiji / wokado / Beanstalk (snowbrand) etc etc etc) - go to Bonjour (the cosmetics shop) and you can put in an order for it - much cheaper (@HK$168) than Citysuper or UNY or Sogo (@HK$280-HK$350). They have shipments coming in each month but the stock usually clears very very very quickly.

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    Thanks for the tip. Also Bonjour sell big tubs of Petroleum Jelly for $15 - 20. And I've bought a pack of 80 wipes with Aloe and Lanolin for $10.

    Do check it out.


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