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Extra Charges

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    Extra Charges

    I noticed that most doctors in HK make an extra charge (e.g. 1,000 per day!) to us if we have a private room. The Matilda management say that there is no extra charge to the doctor if I have a private room. If it costs the doctor nothing and causes him no extra effort, then I don't understand why doctors charge us extra for something that doesn't effect them. I don't want to be rude and press the issue with the doctor, but it bothers me a bit. Am I missing something?

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    This is one of the reasons we were inspired to start GeoBaby!
    More info here:

    How it all started -- Hong Kong Doctors vary their charges by the class of the room.

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    Extra charges

    One of the reason I chose to give birth in a public hospital the seocnd time aorund was because of the extra charges. Not my OB, who had an open/transparent price structure (printed leaflet in the office at the receptionist's desk), but the *other* charges:

    Anaesthesiologist! I got an epidural and it was a Sunday and that added almost another 15K! That was a BIG shock.

    Paediatrician. My OB told me about this, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but still $HK 500 for each "laying on of hands". Plus my bb was jaundiced and had to spend 3 extra days and the paed. had to examine her daily.

    I love my girl, but it still rankles me how much $ I spent at her birth.

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