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Terminating Domestic Helper

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    Thanks Michelef - for the words of commiseration!

    I interviewed two ladies yesterday and one I liked very much. Not loads of experience with newborns but some and a very lovely and kind person. Hopefully my judgement will be better this time, I don't trust myself anymore!

    Your stories of having one disapear after the first day are scary! The lady that I liked, her visa expires on Saturday so I guess she will have to go back if she doesn't come with me or finds someone else. I am having her back for a second interview tonight, with my husband. If all goes well, we will make her an offer.

    I think I have been an easy person to take advantage of as the last time I relied on the helpers to inform me of the policies - I thought wrongly that I knew what was what. I have now downloaded the Guidebook for Employment of Domestic Helpers from Immigration and am going to study it thorougly today - and probably give them a call as well!

    Anyway, thank you very much for your kind words and all the advice - I will take a look at asiaexpat.

    All the best,

    ps And thanks for telling me how to add the photo! Here's a picture of my daughter Holly, born February 27.

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    Hi Kim,

    Holly is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    If you don't mind, I would like to give you some of my advises too.

    I generally prefer helpers who are above 30, married with kids cos they will have financial burden back in the Philippines and hence will work harder. Other thing is you will need to stand firm (not mean, but firm) to them in the first couple of months. I always wanted to treat them like a family but they always ended up abusing our relationship so stand firm at first and be friends later. You will also have to make a list of the daily chores and ask her to follow it. However, I always tell them to make sure they come back to me if I have overloaded them with work but a list is essential and also you should setup a time that they could leave and be back by on Sundays, these are basic disciplines. Thirdly, if you see something you are uncomfortable with, tell her right away (politely of course), do not hold it back and hoping it might go away. They usually will think that they got away with it and hence keep doing it.

    BTW, your maid might not need to go back to the Philippines to wait for her visa, you can write a letter addressed to Immigration Dept stating that due to you having a newborn at home, you desparately need a maid on board asap and therefore hoping they could expedite this application. They will usually grant this quickly without having her to go back and wait.

    Lastly, do not forget to ask her to go for a bodycheck (at your cost), you can call the labs in HK, they generally provide bodychecks for Hep A/B, Aids etc. Afterall, she is so close to your family and you will need her to be healthy to take care of a newborn! You should ask her to go tomorrow if you find her suitable at her 2nd interview.

    If there is anything else you need to know or just a chat, you can email me at [email protected]

    Take care!

    PS. The one in the picture is my youngest, her name is Britney.

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