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Confused about Queen Mary

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    What is the difference between going direct to BUPA or Goodhealth, and through a broker? Are the rates the same?

    My husband and one son is with Goodhealth and our other son and me are with BUPA. We are considering changing to Goodhealth, but probably will not due to pre-existing conditions etc..

    What is your advice?

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    Going through a broker or going direct will be the same cost. The benefits of going through an independent broker is that he can help you compare various companies and plans and help you to evaluate which one would be most suitable.

    Also it means you do not need to deal directly with insurance company, which may be in UK, Europe or some other country, which can be a real pain. Another good reason to use a broker is that they can handle all of your various insurances (medical, life, household etc and investments) giving you one contact point for all of your plans, making life much easier.

    Regarding your specific question on consolidating your plans I would really need to sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons in more details. As you rightly point out, switching from one insurer to another may mean you lose out on any no-claims discounts and any pre-existing conditions will not be covered (at least not for another 2 years with Goodhealth). However it is sometimes possible to switch to another insurer with no, or little, penalty depending who you were covered with previously and if you can provide enough information to them. They tend to treat each case individually.

    Drop me a line at [email protected] if you want to discuss in more detail

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