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My daughter got stress living in Hongkong

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    tsuen wan - new teritories

    My daughter got stress living in Hongkong

    Just wanna share.. we finally realized after we took my daughter to a child phsyciatric that she got depresion & stress living in Hongkong.. its unbelievable.. she just 2.5 years. It's all because the language problem and environment where the people are not friendly.

    We live in Indonesia before where the people are nice & friendly.. thats the things that my daughter accept.. she used to that and she surrounded by friends and family who loves her. Now it's dillema for us.. we decided to leave Hongkong soon because of this problem. Any suggestion... please we really need it..

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    Hong Kong

    Have you considered moving to a more expat kid friendly place? Say Discovery Bay, Lamma?

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    As shri suggested, it'd be better for you to move to an area that is easier for your daughter to make friends and feel comfortable. The majority of people live in Tsuen Wan are local people, so I think it's better for you to look for some place else to live.

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    I agree wholeheartedly. Try another part of Hong Kong... Lamma, Discovery Bay or even Pokfulam where we live. Our little boy has plenty of play groups to attend where he meets other boys and girls from all over the world AND also from Hong Kong. We live in a complex where everyday from 4 - 6 PM he plays in a very safe (and huge) playground with other boys and girls his age who are friendly, share their toys (most of the time!). It is a very friendly, healthy children-oriented community. A similar environment might help your little girl, too.

    Depending on your budget, I can point you towards some properties in Pokfulam run by the Government Property Agency that are not too expensive.

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    Discovery Bay

    We've been living in Discovery Bay since 1997, but never thought anything much of it until our little boy arrived. It's super child friendly, with lots of park/playgrounds, sea, sun, and sand. A lot of baby groups to attend, sometimes outdoor too. But if you have older kids who are attending schools elsewhere, check carefully before you move out here. DBIS is reputed to be hard to get in.

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    taking the leap

    if you really feel HK is making you and the family concerned and you have exhausted all options of moving to another area then i can suggest Singapore as being the next best step if you want to stay within Asia. It is extremely child friendly here!
    I re-located here 3 months ago and my daughter is LOVING it! The price of property is significantly lower so i could afford to get a really great large place that has enough room for my little 1 to have her own play room! (We also have GREAT facilities on the grounds for both mummy and baby to be happy)
    The people speak English and are generally more polite than the general passerby in HK ;-)
    If you want to know more pls feel free to email me.

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