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    This is my first time expecting, is Matilda hospital the best in town. Do you know of any good doctors (HK island) who delivers at Matilda?

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    Yes, Matilda is one of the best hospitals for maternity care in HK.

    Most of the Drs listed in our resource directory deliver at the Matilda. You can also read reviews written by members
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    Hi, I delivered my daughter at Matilda 7 months ago. We had excellent support from the staff there including the nurses, pedeatrician, maids etc. My doctor was Dr. Dawkins at Quality Care in Prince Building. He was very good as well. I believed that he's on Geobaby's doctor recommendation list. Good luck with your delivery!

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    It depends on what you mean by "best"

    I had my first baby at Matilda & it was OK (1996).

    I had my second child at Prince of Wales Hospital, and it was also OK (1998). We saved tens of thousands of dollars this way too.

    If your baby has any problems, then Matilda would not be "best" - Queen Mary or Prince of Wales hospital would be best, because they have neo-natal intensive care units.

    If you would prefer to attend a midwife clinic and avoid an obstetrician and his or her attendant costs, then the Midwives Clinics at Kwong Wah Hospital
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    might be "best".
    " Midwives Clinic

    A Midwives Clinic was set up in January 2000 [at QEH] with an aim to provide quality obstetric service to our clients. Pregnant women are given the choice to be taken care of their normal pregnancy by experienced midwives. We also aim at facilitating the couples to achieve an enjoyable childbirth and transit to a successful parenthood. This clinic is fully supported and backed up by the obstetricians. The clients are seen by designated midwives for checkup and fetal assessment throughout their antenatal period. Antenatal education, support and counselling are provided on an individual basis. Should any complications or abnormalities arise they will be referred back to the obstetrician in charge. The clients are referred to the Midwives Clinic by the obstetricians. For details please ask the nurses in the Ambulatory Care Centre"

    If you're having a "normal" pregnancy and have $ to burn, then I think that yes, Matilda is one of the "best" hospitals. The midwives were kind and supportive, but I found the midwives at PWH to be the same way. Maybe midwives are just like that ;)

    If you are looking for safety and value for $, I would say, no.

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    Keep your options open. If you have a normal pregnancy, want comfort and your insurance covers it then by all means go to Matilda. However, since you've never had a child - prepare for the unexpected. If you give birth early - you won't be able to go to Matilda. They only accept 'no problem' deliveries - generally post 34 weeks gestation.

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