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hospital bag

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    sai ying pun

    hospital bag

    I'm due to give birth at Queen Mary in a few weeks' time. I seem to remember that the list they gave me of things to bring (which I lost) read:
    1. some cotton wool,
    2. a plastic sheet,
    3. a cup.
    What did other people find useful to pack? And why do I need to take a cup? I'm a bit scared to ask about the plastic sheet. However, since I'm supposed to take one, where do I buy it?
    Thanks xxx

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    Have a look at this list which I added a while ago.

    I would guess the plastic sheets is to protect the matresses in case your waters break in bed. Also in QM you'll need to bring toilet/paper and diapers for baby.

    There's a little store next to Tsan Yuk that should have the plastic sheets. Name is Ah Chi Co

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    I remember my list had both cup and paper- cups. I didn't use the paper cups at all. They just bring a jug of milk at night time and you have to have your own cup to have milk. Unless that has changed...this was 2 years ago.

    You will need the sheets to protect the mattress after the birth as well. I ended up needing more than the no. they had on the list. But you get everything you need in a small store at the entrance at QM near the 7-eleven store.

    What I found most useful was disposable panties...I had absolutely no energy to wash them at the time !! Was in the hospital for 5 days.

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    Snacks, energy drinks, books/magazine, CD/MD, body lotion and lip balm!!

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    HI, I just recently gave birth at QM and everything was fine. Not to mention the bill was way too low. I only spent HK$300.00 (all inclusive). My baby had to stay at the ICU (had pneumonia and pneumothorax) and I only spent HK$350 including medicines (antibiotics).

    Anyway, I suggest you bring bottled water, wet tissues, toilet paper, maternity pads, slippers, books/MP3, towel, an inflated ring for you to sit on, plastic cups, diapers, baby's clothes, receiving blanket, baby wipes, toletries.. QM provides the gowns so you just have to bring your going home clothes.

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    That boggles my mind that you have to take your own plastic sheets and cups and things. In the US, all of that is provided!

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    It all has to be paid for somehow, and I guess they're on a tight budget.

    Anyway, plastic sheets can be bought from some chemists and they also stock them in Wing On's baby section, near the nappies. You'll need them on the bed in the delivery room.

    On the list QM give you, they mention a basin and cotton wool, but that's out of date. They now prefer you to use baby wipes, to avoid people spilling water over the floor.

    I found mobile phone charger very useful as I was making lots of calls.

    I took a cassette player, tapes and headphones, but found them a waste of space because I was either feeding baby or trying to sleep almost all the time, and didn't want to fall asleep with headphones on in case my baby was crying or suffocating next to me and I didn't hear her!

    I think it's better to have two small bags rather than one big one, because they fit more easily into the lockers, plus you can separate things you'll need during labour versus afterwards, like your and baby's going home clothes. You will need plastic sheets, gigantic knickers and sanitary towels in the delivery room!

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