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Shichida Method

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    Peng is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2003
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    Message for Val23 and MegaEV,

    Sorry for the late reply. I had asked the mothers at the yahoo webgroup to e-mail you directly, forgetting that they can't unless they're member of geobaby: p

    Evon the moderator of the yahoo group has offered to help you source the books. Her e-mail is [email protected]. I'd like to put a caveat here - I do not personally know Evon and do not warrant anything; but only that she's offered to help you get the books. Please contact her if you still want the books.


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    xiowqing is offline Registered User
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    Wink Shichida's books in Chinese

    Hi Zee,

    You can get all the Shichida's books in Chinese version from the book store in Malaysia.

    If you are still need the books, please let me know. I can help you get them from the book store.


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    Zee is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2004
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    I cannot read Chinese (sob!sob!sob!). Life would be so much more convenient, esp. living in HK, if I can read and write it. This is the main reason I am seriously thinking of sending my daughter to a chinese kindergarten. Thanks a lot for the offer though.

    I am still keen on the English copies. Can you forward my conctact add. to those kind ladies? I will get in touch with Evon. Thanks a million for your info.

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    Right-Brain learning

    Hi there,

    I've recently discovered a centre that does right-brain learning called KinderU in Causeway Bay. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but they have gwailo and Chinese kids and start really young at 3 months I think.

    Hope this helps.


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    Shichida Mtd

    Check out for product on right brain techniques.

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    sandiego650 is offline Registered User
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    Shichida Materials

    I recently purchasedbooks from the Shichida EducationalInstitutein Englishfrom website at You can email them at [email protected]

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    sandiego650 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
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    Shichida Books

    Here is some infoon books. from site

    Are there any books about the Shichida Method written in other languages besides Japanese? If so, how can I purchase them?
    Currently, there are five English books published by the Shichida Educational Institute, Ltd., and eight Chinese books published by Shichida Pre School in Taiwan. If you are interested in purchasing these books, please download the order form (PDF) , and follow each instruction. The details of the English books are described as follows.
    As for the Chinese books, please contact directly to the Shichida Pre School in Taiwan. ([email protected])

    Title & Price Contents
    The Shichida Method

    1500 JPY Explaining what the Shichida Method is about with the actual examples. (published in 2003, A4 size, 96 pages)
    Chapter 1: Marriage of Heart and Mind
    Chapter 2: Six Special Abilities of the Right Brain
    Chapter 3: Characteristics of Shichida Method
    Chapter 4: Education for Children with Disabilities
    Chapter 5: Special Program
    Science of Intelligence and Creativity

    1500 JPY Explaining the mechanism of the brain and some practical methods to stimulate the interbrain. Useful book for yourself to develop your ability as well as for parents and teachers.(published in 1994, A4 size, 119 pages)
    Prologue: Secret of the Brain Is Finally Revealed
    Chapter 1: Dawn of New Era for the Exploration of Intelligence and Creativity
    Chapter 2: Secret of Intelligence and Creativity Lies in Right Brain's Imaging Capability
    Chapter 3: Secret of Imaging Power
    Chapter 4: Keys to Mastering Interbrain Control
    Chapter Five To Enhance Capability by Image Training
    Chapter Six: Relationship Between Consciousness and Hypnosis
    Chapter Seven: Blossoming of Intelligence and Creativity: The Exciting Realities
    The Mystery of Right Brain

    2000 JPY Introducing many examples of children and their right brain abilities; memory, calculation, language, speed-reading, expression, ESP, and healing. (published in 2003, A4 size, 151 pages)
    Chapter 1: The Untapped Powers of the Right Brain
    Chapter 2: Developing Imagining Ability
    Chapter 3: ESP, A Basic Capacity of the Right Brain
    Chapter 4: Right Brain Memory
    Chapter 5: Children's Amazing Right Brain Computing Faculty
    Chapter 6: Right Brain Language Ability
    Chapter 7: The Need for Right Brain Education in Music Training
    Chapter 8: The Right Brain Speed Reading Method
    Chapter 9: Using Image Training in the Classroom
    Right Brian Education in Infancy Theory and Practice

    1500 JPY Explaining the development of the right brain abilities of children with some examples. (published in 1993, A4 size, 94 pages)
    Chapter 1: Infant Right Brain's Astonishing Calculation Ability
    Chapter 2: ESP: The Fundamental Ability of the Right Brain
    Chapter 3: Functions Hidden Away in the Right Brain
    Chapter 4: About Images
    Chapter 5: Differences Between the Left and Right Brains
    Chapter 6: The Importance of Synchronization Between the Right and Left Brains' Functions
    Chapter 7: Toward Understanding Waves

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    sandiego650 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
    San Diego, CA USA

    Updates on Progress with Method

    As I am new toMethod,I would appreciate anyupdates for those of you whohave been using methodover past few years. Is it successful?


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